Matt Amodio Biography

Matt Amodio is the guy who is certainly creating new milestones with each win in the show. He has become a nationwide sensation after being the only contestant in the history of the show to win 34 consecutive games. The great majority of his successes up till now have been “Final Jeopardy!.” He is famous for his ability and his willingness to succeed to communicate with others.

During the regular season, he managed to register the biggest win streak on the show with 38 wins and clinched $1.5 million which made him the second-highest winning contestant ever in the show. His style of answering clues earned him the title of “Most Annoying Contestant Ever” as well. Matt is currently competing in the Jeopardy Masters championship where he is up against some of the best minds the stage has ever witnessed. 

Early Life

In the city of Medina in the state of Ohio, in the United States, Matt Amodio was born on 4th December 1990 in a very ordinary family. His father’s name is Jim Amodio while his mother is Bonnie and he has three siblings. It was evident from an early age that he was interested in learning new things, and this desire persisted throughout his life.

Matt graduated as a valedictorian of his class in Medina in 2009 and then graduated from Ohio State University with an academic department in actuarial mathematics four years later. He is currently a Ph.D. student in computer science at Yale University, however, he has remained in his house in Medina since the epidemic began in 2009.

Matt Amodio holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and works currently in these areas. Ever since childhood, his parents were huge fans of Jeopardy thus, he got a chance to witness it alone even before he couldn’t understand the words. Once, there was an online test that offers entry into the show, although he wasn’t interested in the first place.

However, his father insisted to try that test because he is too smart and he got the potential as well. Matt refused to do so but his dad said “Do it for me” so he agreed just for the sake of his satisfaction. He didn’t expect anything from the first test but he got an invitation to the second test for an in-person audition. It means he was destined for this show and probably the blessing of his parents, we are seeing his magical run and a treasure of knowledge.

Matt Amodio Jeopardy!

If competing on “Jeopardy!” was a “dream come true” for Ph.D. student Matthew Amodio, then being a re-crowned winner is surely something he could never have anticipated. According to the “Jeopardy!”Amodio, a contestant from Zone, came on the show more than a month now and he is unstoppable now. At the moment, he is on a record-breaking winning streak of 34 games consecutively and fans are amused with his knowledge and wanted to know his IQ level.

Matt has gathered $1,518,601 during his run in the regular season, although he couldn’t crack Ken Jennings’s $2.5 million ($2,520,700) highest-ever winning amount in the history of the show. Although, he desired to win a buck more than Ken to name that history-making record of winning to his name. After his amazing display of knowledge, Matt entered the Jeopardy Masters where he is facing Mattea Roach, Amy Schneider, Sam Buttrey, Andrew He, and James Holzhauer. 

Matt Amodio Biography

Real Name Matthew Amodio
Birth Date December 4, 1990
Age (as of 2023) 32 Years
Birth Place Medina, Ohio, United States
Nationality American
Profession Student
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Sagittarius

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 10” – in Centimeters – 177 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 68 kg  –  in Pounds –  143 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Type Slim


Father Jim Amodio
Mother Bonnie Amodio
Brother Three (Dan, Steve & Mike Amodio)


School Medina High School
College Ohio State University, Yale University

Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Affair No
Who is his wife/girlfriend?

Personal Life

Matt recently became well-known as a result of his victory in a major competition. He still didn’t say anything about his wife, their relationship, or his family, which was disappointing. He will certainly inform us about his personal life as soon as possible, but we have to be patient at the moment.

Most of his fans are eager to know whether he is a married guy or still single. Additionally, he has been active on Twitter since May 2018, amassing a total of 58.1k followers, and he is only following 1 account which is the official handle of Jeopardy! 

Matt Amodio Net Worth

Matt recently became the talk of the town after he emerged as one of the top 10 contestants winning prize money from the show. Although it is quite complex to know his exact worth as per the estimation, his net worth is around $1 Million.


  • Matt has earned a total of $825,801 in prizes to date, an outstanding number that places him in tenth place on the all-time list of regular-season winners in the sport.
  • In his sixth game in a row, Matt was victorious.
  • “Once you win once, that’s just such a great accomplishment,” Amodio stated. “Nobody can ever take that away from you.”
  • Matt confessed in an interview that he was experiencing two feelings at the same time during the event.
  • Matt likes plain cheese pizza without any topping on it.
  • If he gets the chance to time travel then he would like to go to the 1900s, no earlier than that because without technology he couldn’t survive.

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  1. I like Matt a lot. His mind is amazing! I get that one can travel, study, and read a lot, but how he remembers the specifics of such a vast variety of topics is mind boggling to me. Shine on Matt!

    • Matt is brilliantly fascinating! He has a wealth of knowledge and keeps the show extremely exciting. I never want him to lose! He’s a treasure! Keep up the great work Matt!

  2. He reminds me of my favorite comedian Stan Laurel of Laurel & Hardy. Would love to see him do the Stanley iconic pose, scratching the top of his head while squinting his eyes when he is introduced. It would get a lot of laughs!

  3. Matt is totally adorable. Love his facial antics and how he comes up with the correct answers at the last second, giving me a brief moment of panic. The there’s that boyish grin. He is so much fun to watch and hope he has a super long run as Jeopardy champ.
    He’s a rare gem and Alex would have loved him.

  4. Matt is a pleasure to watch! Not only is he brilliant, but he’s humble and very personable. Unfortunately for me and others, he hasn’t competed in the last two games. I can only guess that the JEOPARDY season has ended, and the next one hasn’t begun yet. Anyway, go Matt, and best wishes! You make our country look really good!

  5. Matt is SO smart, his brain has to be filled with the Encyclopedia Britannica! I can understand Ken Jennings being older and wiser with a wide range of knowledge and also James Holzhauer, but Matt is so young! HOW does he know so much about everything? I’m a huge fan, so keep it going, Matt!

    • Hi Sandra, If I’m not mistaken Matt’s family owns Amodio Moving and storage in Connecticut. As for Sandra LeFebvre are we related? I’m originally from Bristol CT and also a LeFebvre.

  6. I watch every night. I lived in New Haven area (Woodbridge) for years. Wondering what Matt’s favorite Pizza restaurant is? Sally’s or Pepis?

  7. Absolutely a joy to watch. Brilliant and charming – a rare combination! Keep up the good work, Matt. You are just what we all need!

    • I agree with you that Matt is enjoyable and brilliant and very quick-minded. He is a treasure for America in a time when there are very few such treasures.

  8. I can hardly wait for him to come on. He has really made for some exciting moments. I am cheering for him to become the next champion with Ken and James!!!!!

  9. Matt is a very exciting Jeopardy player and I want him to continue for a long time. But, his “what’s” all the time is annoying when referring to a person. What’samatta modio?

    • In one of his interviews he told why did does that “what” answer. It kind of rubs me the wrong way too. He said he absolutely knows the Jeopardy rules and to cut does on things to remember he would just always say “what” for all the answers. I’m excepting it, but mentally say something else in my head.
      Love that man. All the best and more to Matt.

  10. During one game Matt answered correctly in slow stilted syllables- why? my guess is that the Jeopardy producers did not like that since it slowed down the pace of the game? Thanks

  11. I was delighted by James Holzhauer’s aggressive approach, and thought he had changed forever how all future contestants would play the game. But not until Matt Amodio went to school on James’ tactics, has anyone played so skillfully. I expect he will have a long run, but then again, short of having locked in enough winnings and a difficult Final Jeopardy, anything can happen.

  12. Matt is a delightful young man, so much fun to watch. Not surprised he graduated valedictorian of his high school class. I wonder if his brothers are anything like him.

  13. I love watching Matt win! He is charming, obviously brilliant and I hope is wins many more games. Hopefully,he will exceed James’ 32 game total. Matt is good looking, smart, fun-loving, humble, charming, educated and a real joy to watch – especially when our country seems to be comprised of so many negative cynics. Hooray to the bright and smiling people! Hooray for Matt!

  14. Keep up the great run! Go Matt Go!!!! Wish you continued success! I love watching you each evening; you are overall a gracious human being! I am very proud of you! God Bless!

  15. I do find it uninteresting when the other contestants are basically there to fill in space. Not much fun when it’s not really a game, and the outcome is determined even before double Jeopardy sometimes.

  16. I think the constitution should be amended so instead of a deranged or senile old man we could have Ken, James, and Mat to figure out how to run this country. At least you would have confidence that the smartest people in the land are at the helm. Right now the only requirement to be president is be born hear and be at least 35. With those requirements, any idiot who the people like could have the most important Job in the world. Think about it.

  17. My favorite Jeopardy contestant of all times and I’ve been a Jeopardy flower since the 60s. Matt, I hope you keep winning forever and become a millionaire.

  18. The fact that he says what’s ,along with the fact that he has never said let’s make it a true daily double just makes him all the more endearing.
    Now I’d like him to beat Ken Jennings record
    Go Matt😊

  19. Dear Matt,
    Even though we share the exact same last name, we are not related. Too bad!!
    I would love to have bragging rights.
    You are truly a gifted person. God bless your parents who certainly raised a humble young man who is also brilliant. They must be so proud!!!

    Keep it going!!! Good Luck!!

  20. Matt is absolutely my favorite contestant of all time. He is adorable,
    humble, and brilliant beyond words. Go Matt go. We can’t wait to watch him every night. We even tape it when we know we won’t be home. Good luck!!!!!!!!

  21. Matt came very close to losing on his first episode of Jeopardy. The then champion missed the last double jeopardy answer which would have put him in front of Matt going into final Jeopardy. They both got the right answer in final Jeopardy. I don’t think Matt has ever trailed going into final jeopardy. He is very relaxed now and that seems to be a great asset.

  22. Matt is just beginning to learn. Watch him in the future. I hope he travels to Italy some day and hears his name pronounced correctly.

  23. Matt is such a pleasure to watch! A real person! I would like to give more recognition to Medina High School for contributing to his remarkable educational background. We are proud to claim him as a hometown boy.


  24. I would love to know how Matt is able to retain that much information. It is absolutely amazing. I record Jeopardy every day, so I can watch this young man in action. I pray he continues to win, because I’m watching something that is so unbelievable. I hope Jeopardy is prepared to pay well over two million dollars. I don’t know if they were expecting this. The other contestants just stare in amazement… I’m amazed too!!! Keep up the winning streak Matt. I’m cheering loudly for you.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽📣📣📣😀😀😀

  25. As everyone else that has commented, I am blown away by his breath of knowledge! It is an absolute joy to watch him … truly humble and sincere ! His parents must be so very proud! We will watch and root for Matt’s continued success on Jeopardy!

  26. I have always enjoyed watching Jeopardy, but since Matt Amodio has become a contestant, I have become intrigues with the game show. It is such a pleasure to watch this young man. He shows great respect to everyone and he appears to be surprised with his winnings at the end of the show. He is an absolute pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing your time amd intelligence with us, Matt!

  27. So sorry you lost, Matt. You had a great, impressive run! Can’t wait to see you in Tournament of Champions! Wish you the best!

  28. When football is on we do not get jeopardy so we added another channel and then that channel does not tape Jeopardy so we got rid of it. Our favourite was James but now we do love to watch Matt. Very sorry he lost tonight Oct 11 as we make sure we are here to watch him every night. Now we have no reason to rush to put the TV on since Matt lost or did he maybe he was tired of some peoples comments which were mean and nasty. He has to realize there are mean people in this world but look at all the people who were cheering for him.

  29. I think Matt intentionally lost the game. The grind (travel, attire, cramming, etc.) was just getting to be too much and not worth it in his estimation.

  30. I agree with D. Young who wrote “I think Matt intentionally lost the game. The grind (travel, attire, cramming, etc.) was just getting to be too much and not worth it in his estimation.”
    I can’t believe that Matt answered “Poland” to the final question. That country is no where near between the Alps and the Danube (sp?). Austria was the obvious answer–even I knew!! I was so disappointed and heart-broken when Matt lost. I am happy, though, that the man who won was also very knowledgeable. Sorry that he lacks the charisma of Matt. Maybe he will acquire it if he lasts a long time. Goodbye Matt. Sorry to see you go.

  31. Matt you had a great run, proud for you. My guess is that you planned to lose because the tax on your winnings were about to jump. You are a brilliant young man. I hope to hear what great things you do in your life.

  32. If you can remember back to James’ last night, he seemed to intentionally fumble around also. I’m thinking they both lost on purpose for some reason. I’m wondering if it was pressure from the producers, as it may have been getting difficult to have anyone play against them. There’s gotta be a reason; I think they both could have gone on for many more episodes. I loved them both. Now I’m also wondering if James’ show THE CHASE is going to be renewed because it hasn’t been on for the last few weeks. I will miss him. I hope we get to see both of them on Jeopardy champion shows again!

  33. I have watched and enjoyed Jeopardy since those days long ago when I had a memory.
    I still have it somewhere butt, I can’t remember where I stashed it.
    Jeopardy is the ONLY time my TV is on during the day.
    Daytime TV is beyond boring.
    I record the show so that I can FF past the commercials and etc.
    I was always really good at the game and, for the last year or so, I have been unable to think of an answer. Then, when one of the contestants has it, I say, “Oh, yeah. Where did I hide that.”lol
    I am looking forward to the TOC and hope Matt will win it.
    BTW~I have absolutely NO doubt that he did NOT intentionally “lose”. That is just so much BS. I’m satisfied that Jeopardy is all on the up & up.
    Now, where did I put my memory.

  34. You are a lovely young man…stay just the way you are….loved everything about you….I am a 93 year old Grandma and I would adopt you for my grandson.

    I make delicious meatballs and gravy.

    God Bless you dear Matt.

    Your adopted Grandma


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