Mattea Roach (Jeopardy) Biography

Mattea Roach has become an internet sensation after clinching the new Jeopardy champion title and she is on a twenty-two games win streak at the moment. With her unique style of game, she won the heart of viewers and managed to secure her place in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. She is just 23 years old and has won a total amount of $560,983 after winning 23 consecutive games.

She gave correct answers to every trick of Final Jeopardy on the set of the Jeopardy show. Jeopardy is one of the favorite shows of Americans which is being viewed worldwide since 1964. She appeared on the show in the 38th season and this time the show was hosted by Mayim Bialik. She successfully secured her place in the 2022 Tournament of Champions and will face off against Andrew He and Eric Ahasic in tonight’s episode in the semifinals.

Mattea Roach Early Life

Mattea Roach was born on 26th October 1998 in Mania, Nova Scotia but hails from Halifax and is currently residing in Toronto. She has gained few experiences in the past. She describes that she has worked as an administrative intern at Strategic Arts Management. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a graduate student of the University of Toronto, where she received her Bachelor of Arts majoring in the subjects of Gender Studies and Political Science. She received her B.A. back in 2020.

Jeopardy! Journey

The 23 years old Mattea Roach won the big amount on 6th April 2022 (Wednesday). Many Jeopardy fans are impressed by her performance. According to her explanation, Mattea first applied to Jeopardy- the long-running show back in 2020. This year in January, she was invited by the show executive to Los Angeles for taping an episode. She expressed her excitement regarding the same and showed her feelings on Twitter by posting a picture of herself with Jeopardy show host Mayim Bialik.

On the recent episode of the show, the Toronto tutor Roach was playing against Lana Altman (who belongs to Southington, Connecticut, and describes herself as a digital programming manager) and Vernon Ng (who belongs to Tacoma, Washington, and describes himself as an associate professor of English). In the first round of Jeopardy, Mattea answered 21 questions and won the amount of $12,800.

On the other hand, other competitors Altman and Vernon won only $1400 and -$1800 in the same round. During the “Double Jeopardy” round, Mattea hit the answers and won $10,000. She appeared in total 24th games and registered 23 games win streak with a total amount of $560,983. Mattea became a Canadian celebrity after this unbelievable feat on the biggest stage in American game show history. 

Mattea Roach Biography

Real Name Mattea Roach
Birth Date October 26, 1998
Age (as of 2023) 24 Years
Birth Place Mania, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Profession Tutor
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Scorpio

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 8” – in Centimeters – 176 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 62 kg  –  in Pounds –  136 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Slim


Mother Patti Mackinnon


School Sacred Heart School of Halifax
College Trinity College, University of Toronto

Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Is she a lesbian? Yes
Who is her boyfriend?

Personal Life

She has a mother whose name is Patti MacKinnon. In regards to Roach coming to the show Jeopardy, her mother says that she was very much excited to see her daughter with “a little bit of healthy anxiety.” She explained that her daughter was trying to come to the show at the time of the pandemic. Mattea added that although it was not a long-time dream for her, it was something she wanted to pursue during the pandemic.

She also revealed that her daughter used to participate in the debates while she was in high school and the university. As far as her personal life is concerned then she is a lesbian who supports the LGBTQ community and lives a protected lifestyle. Although, no details are available on whether she is in a relationship or not so we assume she is single at the moment. Being a social media sensation, there’s a lot of buzz going around over her sexual orientation but she thinks it doesn’t matter if she’s a lesbian or queer when it comes to the game.

Mattea Roach Net Worth

Mattea Roach answered correctly to the maximum number of questions of the final Jeopardy winning $10,000. Later, she won the sum of $38,000 in total. Other competitors remained at the initial amount. Vernon could win only $1 after giving incorrect answers and Altman could win only $3 after giving the maximum number of wrong answers. On the set of Jeopardy, Mattea revealed that she would be using the money in covering up the debt of her student loan. She also revealed that she would like to go back to school to take another student loan.

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  1. A charming and vivacious young lady who is fun to watch. Her wealth of knowledge is amazing. How she knows so much about so many subjects is frightening, yet fascinating.

  2. Her breadth of knowledge & varied gestures are rather captivating. It’s refreshing to see such intelligence & confidence in this lovely, pleasant young gal, a great example for the young. God bless your pursuits, Mattea!

  3. Cannot stand her. She is very obnoxious. I suspect they put sub par contestants against her. Prefer closer games and frequent changes in winners. Hated Amy Schneider being on for what seemed like forever. Will watch again when she is off. I hope she loses soon!

    • you are just jealous bec she she is 10 x smarter than you are most likely. You are jealous of a know it all. She isn’t at all obnoxious. She isn’t arrogant. She is very humble. It’s amazing all she knows at only 23 yo. Most of the other multi game winners were much older so it makes it interesting to watch her.

    • There is zero obnoxious about her. She has a few quirky habits with her hands and some comments but she is likeable, friendly and above all else she is a good contestant. I like to see good contestants go until someone displaces they thru luck of better skills.

    • She may be clever- I would never consider her ‘wise’. “Amy Schneider” was a very boring man. Women do not have the Y chromosome. And little children, too, want to be a butterfly or an elephant. But ‘children’ have not been brought to a point of maturity yet. Hopefully, as adults, they will still have an enjoyment of life in adulthood, without laying on the floor kicking their feet and screemig, “I wanna be a butterfly”.

    • You are an obvious fool who can’t stand anyone who is smarter than you, which is probably the majority of the population.

  4. She is annoying… faces she makes, hand gestures, and puzzled looks on her face when she answers questions!!! Hurry up and put somewhere that can beat her!!!

    • I’m with you Donna regarding her hand gestures. I was kind of hoping that last night she would finally lose, but that didn’t happen. Also she makes these little verbal plugs that she thinks are funny…but they are not. Maybe tonight (Friday) she will bid us farewell.

  5. Amazing young lady with such a broad scope of knowledge and instant recall of so many facts. I would imagine that she’s a genius and a fun person to have as a friend. I recommend that Matt Amadio marry her and produce some more jeopardy geniuses. Go Mattea.

  6. I simply love her! I pray she continues on and becomes the all time champion. She definitely has the talent. GO MATTEA, you got this.

    • Yes, no kidding! She is a sweetheart as well as a brilliant young woman. Quite interesting, her knowledge answering questions about the US as well as her amazing general knowledge, and then being up against other American contestants who cant cut it so far. Most of us in Canada are very proud of her progress, and we route for you. You go girl!!

  7. Ditto to comments from Trey. Cut out the spite and jealous remarks of negativism.
    This contestant deserves nothing but accolades of praise.

  8. She is incredibly smart and must never forget anything that she learns. BUT her mannerisms, hand gestures and comments why she is betting whatever on a Daily Double drive me nuts. I hope her run of wins ends soon.

  9. Mattea is a sweetheart. What a pleasant personality. Very intelligent. Always has a
    smile on her face. Keep up the streak going. We are all cheering you on!!!!
    Congratulation to you.

  10. I can’t believe some of you people who are obviously just haters. Live and let live!
    Mattea is only 23 years old, and she is incredibly smart! I hope she goes back to school. She is extraordinary! Go Mattea!!

  11. Not all Americans are down on Canadians, you guys are great neighbors. It is a shame your leaders are idiots, just like here in America. Better days ahead!
    Go Mattea!

  12. Smart but condescending and annoying – actually quite immature.
    First time I have wanted someone not to keep winning to the point where I don’t watch every night.
    Aside: Ken Jennings you are phenomenal – please host all the time!

  13. She is brilliant and must have a photographic memory. Kudos to her secondary school. She is well prepared.
    However, she is getting cocky(pardon the pun). I’d like to see a close match where the ultimate winner is someone new. It’s good for ratings to have long term winners. I like the various new champions. Their personalities are always different. That’s Interesting to me

  14. She is very intelligent. I agree with others, can’t wait to see someone else win because her hand gestures, pretending to be amazed her answers are correct, odd facial expressions, are very annoying.

  15. Just think. If only straight, ex-military males were allowed on Jeopardy the “comments”
    posted here would be very few. I am so old I don’t understand the significance or utility of her nose ring. Nor do I care. However, I find her hand “jesters” pleasingly old fashion. We don’t see that often anymore. And, too, we don’t hear someone on TV confide that they say the “Hail Mary”. Like most people, MS Roach is interesting.

    • Not at all – it may not be as expensive as University in the US, but it is still quite costly. Health care – that’s what is ‘free’ or provided to us through taxes.

  16. We think she is smart and very pleasant. We can not believe she does so well. I have been watching the game show since it started. We try and get the questions and answer them. Amy was also great to watch. I can only say it is a great game and keeps you on your toes. Good luck Matta.

  17. Mattie you are like a spring flower. I know your mother is very proud of your accomplishments. I am not Canadian and I talk with my hands. Good luck. Watch your money and use it wisely. Go Girl!

  18. I like Mattea, I think she’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing her in tournament of champions and later on ABC’s The Chaser.

  19. I really like and admire Mattea. She is just lovely. I like her hand gestures her smile and attitude. That girl is going places she is absolutely brilliant.

  20. She is playing a game, on TV! She’s excited and animated and having fun! How refreshing that a winning contestant on the show isn’t stiff and stuffy.


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