Ben Chan (Jeopardy) Biography

Ben Chan is certainly heating the stage of Jeopardy as he has emerged as a true master of knowledge. The Hong Kong descent personality is a New York resident after emigrating from the descent place. He has been in the limelight since he made $16,001 on the first day of his Jeopardy on 12th April 2023. The best part of the day was he got to talk about his past experiences with his long-friend Aaron Rodgers, who temporarily handled the show’s hosting. He has already gathered $252,600 from his nine-day win streak and will appear tonight to retain his Jeopardy Champion title yet again on 23rd May 2023.   

Ben Chan Early Life

Ben Chan was brought up in New York, and his parents emigrated from Hong Kong and Guangdong in the late 1960s. The parents are known to meet in New York City, started a restaurant business together, and since then, have settled in New York.

Talking about Ben Chan’s educational details, he is a graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. He had his higher education- a Ph.D. from the University of California-Los Angeles. He later received his postdoc in the Department of Bioethics of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Ben Chan Career

Ben has been working as a philosophy professor for nearly ten years. He has worked as a philosophy professor at St. Norbert College in De Pere since 2013.

Jeopardy Journey

Ben Chan, who is the latest Jeopardy Champion, got to have gossip for fans on the stage of Jeopardy (the very first day). He said he was once head-to-head with Aaron Rodgers (the Green Bay Packers quarterback) while playing a game of pub trivia. Another connection between Ben Chan and Aaron is that both had a relationship with Wisconsin, revealed on Wednesday.

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After the one-day champ told the story about his life, he said, “I’m happy to say that I beat Aaron Rodgers at pub trivia.” Ben stood against Kat Jepson, an artist from Virginia Beach, who was already a one-day champ with a winning of $20,399. The other competitor was Laura Caton, a nonprofit arts administrator from Pittsburgh.

Earlier, Kat Jepson was the leading personality with a one-day championship, winning nearly $20,399. Before having the first commercial break, Ben won $5,600, leaving behind the others with $1,000 and $800, respectively. Later, Ben bet $7,000, which also stunned Ken Jennings (the recent host and the winner of 74 games on Jeopardy). After seeing Ben wagering nearly $7,000 for the next round, Ken was amazed and said “That’s a lot of money.”

At last, Ben got 19 correct responses in the first round alone but had to come back from the great mass, which was statically formidable. While this was written on 23rd May 2023, Ben has won nine games back to back on the show and has gathered $252,600 so far. Ben will try to win his ninth game on the Jeopardy Tonight episode where he will be facing Danny Leserman (Policy Communications Manager) and Lynn Di Vito (Retired Museum Educator). 

Ben Chan Jeopardy Winnings

  • Game 1 – $17,000 – $999 = $16,001 (What is the 7th Amendment?) (1-day total: $16,001)
  • Game 2 – $27,200 + $2,800 = $30,000 (What is Easter Island?) (2-day total: $46,001)
  • Game 3 – $20,800 + $2,200 = $23,000 (Who is Macchiavelli?) (3-day total: $69,001)
  • Game 4 – $41,000 + $19,000 = $60,000 (What is Rolling Stone?) (4-day total: $129,001)
  • Game 5 – $26,400 + $1,599 = $27,999 (Who is Camus?) (5-day total: $157,000)
  • Game 6 – $24,205 + $795 = $25,000 (What is Pearl Harbor??) (6-day total: $182,000)
  • Game 7 – $31,000 + $0 = $31,000 (What is We Didn’t Start The Fire!?) (7-day total: $213,000)
  • Game 8 – $12,400 + $2,400 = $14,800 (What is the Appalachian Trail?) (8-day total: $227,800)
  • Game 9 – $20,800 + $4,000 = $24,800 (What is The Wizard of Oz?) (9-day total: $252,600)
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Health Update & his halt on Jeopardy 

Jeopardy stunned the fans when it was announced that the regular three-day game champion, Ben Chan, would now have game delays. The three-day winning champion, Ben Chan, was attacked by an unknown illness. Consequently, he went on to rehab and bowed out in front of the fans detailing the reasons as illness. Also, there were no returning champions for the show on 17th April 2023 (Monday). He was the three-game winning champion with a total winning amount of $69,001.

It was announced that he would probably resume his 4th game on Monday, 15th May 2023, as reported by Fox Affiliate WLUK. Ben resumes the game from where he left off on the 15th May episode where he managed to put a full stop on 8-day winner Hannah Wilson’s reign. At this moment, Ben is creating a lot of buzz around social media because he had faced fan favorite Hannah which some fans find unfair to her.

Ben Chan Biography

Real Name Ben Chan
Birth Date 1970s
Age (as of 2023) 50s 
Residence Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Profession Philosophy Professor
College Swarthmore College
Qualification Graduate

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 9” – in Centimeters – 175 cm
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown



Relationship Status

Marital Status Married
Who is his wife?
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Personal Life

Ben (recently known to reside in Green Bay, Wisconsin) did not give any information regarding his family in the media. There needs to be more detail on his wife, children, siblings, and others.

Social Media

He is only available on the social media platform. However, we could gather his details on Twitter by the handle name – Ben Chan [@JeopardyBenBen], describing himself as a philosophy professor from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Seeing his Twitter profile, it is noted that he joined social media back in March 2023. Since then, he has had 152 followers and a pinned post of date – 29th March 2023 announcing that he would soon be available on Jeopardy [on the upcoming date – 12th April 2023].

Bem Chan Net Worth

Ben Chan, who has been enjoying his professor designation since 2013, is undoubtedly earning well because of his hard work and enthusiasm. Also, he has gathered around $252,600 from the prestigious stage of Jeopardy and going relentlessly on the winning spree. As of now, he is a one-day champion of Jeopardy, and we wish him luck for his forthcoming appearances both in real and reel life. 

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