Shana Chappell Biography

Shana Chappell is the mother of slain Marine Kareem Nikoui. She has written a long Facebook post in which she has criticized President Joe Biden saying that he rolled his eyes at her.

Shana Chappell Wiki

She is a 49 years old lady residing in Norco California along with her husband Steven Nikoui. She is a mother to five kids who says that if requires she would die for them or kill for them as well. Shana is a brave mother who lost his son in Taiban-Afghanistan mess in a bomb blast at Kabul Airport. She has unloaded words about President Joe Biden. Shana has written a Facebook post saying that her Instagram has been disabled although it appears to back up later.

Kareem Nikoui’s father has also criticized Biden saying that the president said in his news conference that the dead service members were standing while guarding the airport and these Americans who gave their life for the safety and security of the country are the real heroes engaged in the selfless mission to save others. He was present when the coffers returned to America and Chappell had written that she was disappointed by the conversation with the President there.

Her post on Biden

Shana Chappell wrote on her Instagram saying that the president is an absolute sign of disgrace to our country and so the man who supports him. The whole Biden community needs to go ASAP. Furthermore, she says that the president rolled his eyes from her and made it about himself while speaking about himself amid the tragedy that was there at the force base. She also wrote that Biden disrespected the families by checking his watch 5 different times.

Shana Chappell Ban on Facebook

Shana Chappell posted on the Facebook page saying that “as soon as I started posting about what happened to my son; Instagram started pulling my post and send me notifications that I have posted the stuff that is likely to be disabled and they would disable my account for this. But the real reason behind disabling my account was this post.” She had written a lengthy post on Instagram where she had given tribute to her Marine son. On the other hand, Facebook that further runs Instagram has confirmed in its statement that the Marine mother’s Instagram was deleted by fluke and was restored further. It says that

“We express the deepest solicitude to Ms. Chappell and her family. Her tribute to her courageous son doesn’t violate any of our rules and regulations.. While the post has not been removed and her account was incorrectly deleted and had been restored now..”

Shana Chappell Biography

Real Name Shana Chappell
Birth Date 1971-72
Age (as of 2021) 49 Years
Residence Norco, California, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Sun sign





Relationship Status

Marital Status Married
Who is her husband? Steven Nikoui
Children Five

Unending pain and sorrow for his son

On the other hand, Nikoui’s father expressed his sorrow for his son when the marines were returned to their doorsteps. He had written that he felt sorry for those to whom he could not message or reply and he was thankful for their support and love. His heart was broken and he didn’t think that it would ever be fixed by anything. His son always wanted to be a marine since childhood and so he was there to fulfill his dream. He died because of his protection towards the country and he could not help it anymore except showing his anger. He wrote that no parent should ever lose their child.

His son was only 20 years old who died in the protection of the country. He was just a child who had his life waiting for him ahead. Further, he added that he had so many plans He hopes of waking from this terrible nightmare that he had lost his child. Nikoui was among the 13 troops who died in Kabul on 26th August 2021. He would never forget the reason behind his death and would never forget his son. He loved his son more than the stars in the sky and prayed for all the troops who were stuck there in the war and prayed for them to get back to their home safely.

Support from social media

Nikoui’s father told that he was staying home when there was the news of the attack as he knew that his son was there in the war. So all day, he glued himself to the television watching the news and other things. He knew that it would take at least eight hours to inform him about the news of his son who was among the dead members of Marine. It was around 7:15 pm PT when the young man arrived. One of the Trump supporters expressed his anger against President Joe Biden saying that he left his son as a paper pusher and let the Taliban have the security at the boundary of the country. He blamed the military leaders and Biden for turning his back.

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  1. My sympathies to the parents of Lance Cpl Kareem Nikolai and to his siblings and loved ones. My prayers are with you all. God bless. ❤️


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