Riley Fox Biography

Riley Fox was a young child hail from Wilmington, Illinois. She left the world at the age of 3 years as she was a victim of Kidnapping, sexual assault, forcefully drowning, and murder. The murderer named Scott Eby was charged with first-degree murder and received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Her case was successfully solved by the interference of the FBI.

Riley Fox Early Life

Riley Fox was born on 31st March in Wilmington, Illinois, United States of America. The name of her father is Kevin Fox while her mother’s name is Melissa Fox. Apart from this, she had a great bond with her elder brother Tyler as well. She also used to spend time with her grandmother. Riley was very young when this tragedy happened so she did not go to any school.

She does not have any qualifications. At this age, she used to learn from her parents and grandparents. Riley was a student as she was very young and had a long way to accomplish her education. She was not able to do so as she was murdered and sexually harassed. Many people were interviewed by a news channel relating to her murder case.

Whole Incident of Riley Fox Death

Riley was disappeared on 6th June 2004. Her body was found in Forsythe Woods County Forest Preserve which is a public park near Wilmington. She was found facing down in the creek. The autopsy report showed that she was bound, gagged, and sexually assaulted before being drowned.  The night she disappeared, she was sleeping in the living room. The next day morning her brother was not able to find her so he went to his dad. Later Tyler and her dad called the police and also checked with the neighbours.

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Initially, her father was being interrogated and spent eight months in jail. He was later released as the DNA did not match and concluded that someone else has committed the crime. The police found various pieces of evidence like a pair of mud-covered shoes with Eby written at the crime scene and the nearby house was burglarized. Later the family won the case against Will County Sheriff Office and detectives who coerced her father’s confession. The case was later handed over to the FBI. The FBI caught a guy named Scott Eby and the DNA of the victim matched with him as well. Eby later confessed his crime that he kidnapped Riley.

Riley Fox Biography

Real Name Riley Fox
Birth Date March 31, 2001
Died June 6, 2004
Age 3 Years (at the time of death)
Birth Place Wilmington, Illinois, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Aries


Father Kevin Fox
Mother Melissa Fox
Brother Tyler Fox


  • She has an older brother named Tyler.
  • Her disappearance news was all over channels like ABC news.
  • Her attorney was taken by Kathleen Zellner.
  • Kevin, her father spent eight months in jail for the doubt of his involvement in her death but later released after DNA was not matched.
  • The name of the murder was Scott Eby.
  • Her case was solved by the FBI.

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