Oaklynn Koon Biography

Oaklynn Koon is an infant who died due to the injuries caused to her because of the massive tornado that hit Kentucky and other communities. Her parents went into a depressing mood when they heard the news that their child suffered the injuries. Douglas and Jackie Koon are her parents, who posted about her health status after being admitted to the news of the death on their Facebook page. It seems that the parents could not bear the burden of their child’s injury and the sudden death and thereby posted the series on social media.

Oaklynn Koon Wiki

Oaklynn was born on 28th September 2021 in Madisonville, Kentucky. Her father is Douglas Koon while her mother is Jackie Rose Koon who were dreaming to give everything to her princess. However, all those dreams shattered completely when they lost Oaklynn in a devastated Kentucky Tornado which took 100 lives. Apart from her parents, she is survived by Bentley Felkins of Dawson Springs and Dallas Koon of Dawson Springs; grandparents, Shelia Rose of Dawson Springs, Audrey Carman of Anton, KY, and Scott Koon of Marion, KY; great-grandmother Eula Strahl of Madisonville; uncles, James Parker of Dawson Springs, Rodney Miller of Crown Point, IN, and Albert Carman of Madisonville; aunts, Megan Tuz-Tamayo of Anton, and Naomi Majia of Madisonville; and several cousins.

Kentucky Tornado

The towns that deteriorated due to the massive tornado hit included Mayfield, Benton, Dawson Springs, and Bremen. Oaklynn is one of 13 deaths in the town of Dawson Springs. More than 100 people went missing on that day. The tornado leveled about 75% of the community. Dawson Springs is located an hour away from Mayfield, Kentucky that suffered the massive hit of Toronado and caused severe damage to small towns, places, and streets in Kentucky. It caused huge damage to hundreds or even thousands of lives in other states.

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The destruction leveled the whole town of Dawson Springs. It appeared like someone burst the bomb in the town and all got vanished in a few seconds. Also, the death of little Oaklynn has broken people’s hearts all over the country. The family posted every series of their little daughter’s health condition on the Facebook page. On the Facebook page, the parents revealed that Oaklynn was in her car seat when the Tornado initially hit & she survived. The parents got to know from the neighbors that the massive hit lifted their house where their daughter was staying over another home.

Oaklynn Koon Biography

Real Name Oaklynn Koon
Birth Date 28 September 2021
Aged Two Months
Birth Place Madisonville, Kentucky, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Virgo


Father Douglas Koon
Mother Jackie Koon
Brother Two (Bentley Felkins & Dallas Koon)

Heartfelt Tribute

On 11th December 2021, the parents wrote on their Facebook page, “Oh lord please be with us. My mom’s house is gone”. They also wrote that they both were in the bathroom at the time of the hit. They all went flying and ended up on the other end of the neighbor’s house. Nothing was scarier than knowing that a big Tornado hit the city and hearing the freaking voices of the children thinking that all will die. The parents posted that if their daughter Oaklynn was not in her car seat, she would not have survived or been there in the hospital. They were surprised at their survival and they made their journey through the massive hit of a tornado in Kentucky. The parents also shared the picture of their son admitted to the hospital while writing, “

My poor baby stapled him together. This seems like a bad dream.” Their son Dallas was being transported to  St. Vincent hospital and one of their sons survived the tornado and later got discharged from the hospital. Just a few hours before the tornado hit the town, the parents wrote on their Facebook page, “Hope everyone stays safe tonight 🙏 im kinda freaking out.” Many people offered prayers on the family’s Facebook page and hoped for the recovery of Oaklynn.

The parents keep posting updates on their daughter’s health. They wrote that something else is going on. Dallas is at deaconess, not at St. Vincent. So brother and sister would be together after some time as Dallas was discharged from the hospital. Please pray for my baby.

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Death of Oaklynn Koon

By the evening of 12th December, things went wrong with the health of their daughter Oaklynn. She was transported to different machines and was still alive with the help of machines and other nurses. The baby got injured through her head and was not showing any kind of activity by then. The parents asked for prayers, donations, calls and texts, and anything that could save their child. They wished for the better news to come from the side of doctors.

But, on 13th December, the heartbreaking news was announced saying that the baby Oaklynn passed away. The parents posted a picture of the hand of the baby clenched with the dad’s hand. The parents wrote that it all didn’t seem to be real and also their car was looted as well. There was a national guard who was checking the IDs to get the people into the town. This was because the residents reported that their belongings were stolen from the shattered residences.

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