Jonathan Sapirman Biography

In a tragic incident at Greenwood Park Mall, Jonathan Sapirman, a 20-year-old individual from Greenwood, Indiana, stands accused of a mass shooting. He opened fire, resulting in the deaths of three people and injuries to two others.

Sapirman, a former warehouse worker, fired a total of 24 rounds during the horrifying event. Fortunately, a brave individual known as a Good Samaritan intervened, ultimately stopping Sapirman by using force. Tragically, Sapirman lost his life at the scene during this confrontation.

Mayor Mark W. Myers confirmed these details through a Facebook post. The shooter’s full name was Jonathan Douglas Sapirman, and the coroner released this information on the afternoon of July 18, 2022.

Jonathan Sapirman Wiki

Sapirman was born on 30th November 2001 and belonged to a troubled family and his guardianship was being fought by his elder brother. His mother Michelle Newton left her job and ended up living in a shelter after she divorced her husband. Jonathan had a history of being convicted of a juvenile assault that revolves around the school.

The mother wrote a letter to the authorities stating that her elder son had his own demons and he was yet to achieve a lot and he was still not liable to take the guardianship of his younger brother. In the letter, she asked to take the authority of upbringing of his young child Jonathan herself and it all happened after she started her career as a nurse.

The names of the dead people have been released

During a tragic shooting incident, four individuals lost their lives, and two others, including a 12-year-old girl, sustained injuries, albeit minor. The shooter was among the deceased. The authorities have released the names of the victims: Pedro Pineda (56 years old), Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda (37 years old) from Indianapolis, and Victor Gomez (30 years old) also from Indianapolis.

In a news conference held on July 17, 2022, the police chief expressed deep distress over yet another distressing incident in the country. However, the mayor extended gratitude towards a 22-year-old young man, a Good Samaritan, whose swift actions stopped the shooter and saved numerous lives. Jonathan Sapirman, the shooter, had a difficult living situation, residing week-to-week in a motel at the age of 16.

He was allegedly under the guardianship consideration of his elder brother. Following their parents’ divorce, Jonathan’s elder brother, Justin Sapirman, sought custody of him. The father resides in Arizona, while the mother resides in Indiana. The petitioner, Justin Sapirman, Jonathan’s elder brother, initiated the case in 2019, and it is still listed as pending.

Jonathan Sapirman Biography

Real Name Jonathan Douglas Sapirman
Birth Date November 30, 2001
Age (as of 2023) 22 Years
Residence Greenwood, Indiana
High School Greenwood High School
Qualification Graduate


Father Jefferey Sapirman
Mother Michelle Newton
Brother Justin Sapirman

Residence of Sapirmans and the fight for Jonathan’s custody

At the time the petition was filed, Jonathan Sapirman was 16 years old and residing in Greenwood, Indiana. Judge Kevin Barton handled the case. Jonathan’s father is Jeffrey Sapirman, and his mother is Michelle Newton from Indianapolis, Indiana.

His elder brother, Justin Sapirman, sought to become Jonathan’s guardian. The petition stated that Jonathan and his mother lived in a week-to-week motel until March 2017, after which he moved in with Justin. The court documents revealed that the parents were divorced in Ohio, and the mother was the custodial parent.

The petition mentioned that the mother faced job loss and had to seek shelter, leading Jonathan to live with his older brother. Following an unspecified incident, the Department of Child Services took custody of Jonathan. He was initially placed with a foster family but later returned to live with his brother.

Jonathan was removed from the foster family due to reported abuse, and court documents indicated his strong negative feelings towards his mother, although the cause was unspecified.

To ensure Jonathan’s well-being, the court granted temporary guardianship to his elder brother, Justin Sapirman. The court also mandated that Jonathan attend Greenwood High School and maintain good attendance.

A letter by the mother for Jonathan’s custody

In a letter to the court, the mom of Justin Sapirman and Jonathan Sapirman claimed that she should have custody of her youngest son. She said Jonathan lacked a stable, loving home and positive environment. Jonathan faced problems at school and had been in trouble with the law.

His mom mentioned he got arrested for assaulting another student, leading to his suspension. The Police Chief contradicted this, stating Jonathan only had a juvenile record for school fights and running away.

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