Elisjsha Dicken Biography

Elisjsha Dicken is now getting popular with Greenwood’s mayor and the Police Department chief who are calling him a “good Samaritan”. In general, he is only 22 years old and is the man behind stopping the mass killer Jonathan Sapirman from killing more people in the food court of the mall. Dicken is being praised as a hero for stopping the mass shooter. However, the shooter killed three people and wounded two on Sunday, 17th July 2022 at Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood Indiana. The gunman was named Jonathan Sapriman who was 20 years old and was shot and killed at the scene after he was observed to be killing other people for no reason.

Elisjsha Dicken Wiki

Elisjsha Dicken is a Columbus native who is a graduate student of CSA New Tech. He was there in the mall with his girlfriend and was holding a gun as per the law of Indiana, although no weapon was allowed in the mall. However, all the authorities are now calling Elisjsha Dicken, a Good Samaritan.

Greenwood Mall Shooting

In the news conference on 18th July, Greenwood Police Chief James Ison described the confrontation between Dicken and the shooter Jonathan Sapirman. Ison said that he believed that Dicken saved many lives. His actions are more like a superhero who shot the gunman from quite a distance with his handgun. The police also revealed that the shooting was captured on surveillance and the people who were moving to save their lives were also caught.

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Chief James Ison said that many people would have died on the night if the responsibly armed citizen would have not taken quick actions within the first two minutes of the shooting by the shooter. Dicken’s name was released on 18th July by the authorities. The authorities informed that he was holding the gun lawfully although no weapon was allowed on the land property of the mall.

On the other hand, Greenwood’s mayor Mark Myers confirmed that 4 people have died at the scene including two injured, out of which one was a 12 years old girl who suffered minor injuries and one was the shooter himself. He also announced the names of the deceased persons including a married couple named Pedro Pineda, 56, Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, 37, and Victor Gomez, 30. The police officials said that we have been sickened by such types of gun shooting incidents in the country.

Elisjsha Dicken Biography

Real Name Elisjsha Dean Dicken
Birth Date 2000
Age (as of 2022) 22 Years
Hometown Columbus, Indiana, USA
College CSA New Tech
Qualification Graduate



Relationship Status

Marital Status In Relation
Affair No
Who is his girlfriend?

The Whole Story

Elisjsha Dicken said that the shooter exited the restroom and started killing the diners or the customers who were having dinner at the tables of the restaurant. The Police Chief Ison confirmed in the conference on 18th July 2022 that Sapirman was 20 years old and entered the mall through the food court entrance at 4:54 pm. He directly walked toward the restroom of the food court and later exited the restroom within 1 hour of 2 minutes. After coming out of the restroom, Sapirman started killing and shooting in the food court. He shot and killed the victim Gomez outside the restroom and later pointed his gun at the married pain having dinner at the table.

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He then also shot his gun at the 22 years old female who is now at the hospital recovering from her leg wound. Then he fired a gun which bounced off the wall and struck the 12-year-old girl. She has got a minor injury and is now being treated at the hospital. The shooter then stopped at 5:57 pm after Dicken started shooting. Dicken was armed with the pistol and kept himself engaged with Sapirman outside the restroom area into the food court area.

Chief Ison said that the authorities are thankful to the 22-year-old man, Dicken who stopped the violence and later revealed his name to the authorities. The young man is now being called Greenwood’s good Samaritan- who acted within seconds, stopped the shooter, and saved countless lives. On the other hand, the police recovered the 24 rifle guns or rounds being fired by the shooter and 10 gun rounds fired by Dicken. Chief Ison said that he was grateful for the efforts of Dicken and his heroism.

The gunman-Jonathan Sapirman’s motive is still unclear

It is said that the gunman Jonathan Sapirman was living alone but belonged to a very disturbing family. There was an ongoing fight between the mother and his elder brother Justin Sapirman because of his custody since Jonathan’s age of minority, i.e, 16 and the case is still pending in court. Also, Jonathan Sapirman was allowed to study at a school from where he was later suspended because of having assaulted a student and later ran away from the juvenile center.

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It is known that he had a fight with one student in his school in the past, and the incident is being registered under juvenile custody in his name. Moreover, Jonathan Sapirman was living alone in his apartment. His cell phone was found in the bathroom at the mall in completely damaged condition. The authorities also found his laptop in the oven in his apartment and a can of butane and it was analyzed that the things were completely damaged.

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