Salvador Ramos Biography

Salvador Ramos was the person behind the heinous Texas School Shooting at Robb Elementary School. This shooting is one of the deadliest in the country’s history after the Sandy Hook School Shooting in which 26 people lost their lives. 

Salvador Ramos Wiki

A native of North Dakota, Salvador was residing in the heavy Latino town of Uvalde. He was aged around 18 and had been working as a fast-food worker. Salvador entered the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and gunned down nearly 19 students along with two 4th grade teachers on 24th May 2022. He died in this shootout but the worst thing is that he took 21 innocent lives with him.

Parents & Family

As far as his family details are concerned then he was residing along with his grandparents Rolando Reyes and Celia Martínez in the Uvalde. They live in a one-story house just a few meters distance away from the school whereas his mother is living in the other part of the town. Salvador and his mother’s relationship wasn’t that great so he moved out of her home to live with his grandparents. His father was never there in his life so he had gone through really bad times, however, he had done few jobs in the town and during the investigation, it is discovered that he was a kind of shy guy with very less friends who had always trouble in establishing social relationships.

Texas High School Shooting

According to the reports and police officers, the suspect first posted a few pictures of a rifle and a man holding a gun magazine on Instagram, killed his grandmother, and later entered the school to kill students- all on his 18th birthday. The suspect was known to be a student of Uvalde High School, who shot and killed children in grades 2 to 4 and two other adult teachers teaching the fourth grade named Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles.

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Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Lt. Chris Olivarez said to Daily Beast that as soon as he entered the school, he started shooting massively to kill children, teachers, and whoever was coming in his way. It was reported to be the suspect’s 18th birthday and he entered the school with two rifles. The suspect who was named Salvador Ramos has a Tik Tok page with a profile that reads “Kids be scared irl (in real life)”. He was active by the name TheBiggestOpp on Instagram as well on TikTok. By the late evening of the day 24th May 2022, the police confirmed that it was a massive shooting that killed 21 people including 19 students and two teachers.

Social media and related activities

The police have gathered an Instagram page loaded with guns and pictures that are supposed to be belonging to the gun shooter. Although there is no detail released regarding the Instagram page, it was removed shortly after the shootings. The page of the school and the people who knew the suspect have taken the help of social media to post about him. There was an existing Instagram page by the name @salv8dor_ that was deleted immediately after the gunman’s name was announced by Abbott. The account was filled with only two pictures of a teen boy who was supposed to be the identity of the shooter. He also appeared on Instagram with pictures of two rifles.

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Another picture on Instagram showed a man holding a gun magazine in his lap. The account was confirmed by many reporters and it was found that the suspect was one of the Uvalde High School students. On the other hand, multiple students came forward to speak about the Instagram page and all said that it belongs to the suspect only. One of the online friends told the reporters that he once had an online live-streaming chat at Yubo where he revealed that he just bought some rifles. On the other hand, the site reported that the suspect showed a person a receipt of the gun, and the slip was based on one of the Georgia companies that used to sell guns online. 

Salvador Ramos Biography

Real Name Salvador Rolando Ramos
Birth Date 2004
Age (as of 2022) 18 Years
Native North Dakota
Residence Uvalde, Texas, USA
Crime Texas Elementary School
School Uvalde High School

Physical Statistics

Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Salvador Ramos Family

Mother Adriana Reyes
Grandfather Rolando Reyes
Grandmother Celia Gonzalez

The suspect killed his grandmother before entering the school and killing other students

The suspect gave a few warning signs. He used to work at Wendy’s where a co-worker described him as an “Aggressive Streak”. He revealed that the suspect would be very rude to girls sometimes and he also threatened one of the cooks by saying “Do you know who I am?” The person also revealed that the suspect often used to send inappropriate messages to ladies. He would also be captured in the video where he could be seen trying to fight with people holding boxing gloves in the park. On the other hand, the police said that the suspect killed his grandmother with the gun before he went into the school.

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Abbott said that the suspect shot and killed his grandmother before entering the school and none of the information is yet available. It is also reported that it was the suspect’s 18th birthday when he brought the rifles or guns legally from a  dealer, killed his grandmother, and went to kill students in the school. According to the officials, Ramos was originally from North Dakota. According to ABC News, the gunfire took place inside the school which debunked the early reports that the shooting took place outside the school building. Abbott reported that the gunman abandoned his car before entering the school and opening fire.

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    • Yes, killing 20 children is wrong. Be respectful to the deceased instead of working your agenda, inappropriate place and time.

  1. Are his parents legally in the United States? Why did he leave north Dakota?
    Why did the police not go in and try to save children? Those policeman were real bonified pussies. Normally I have real respect for cops.

    • I agree, they should’ve let the parents take their firearms and go after the shooter themselves, I would’ve if those were my babies in that school. Screw those yellow bellied coward cops!!!!! 🤬

    • I’m sure part of it was that the police were scared of going to prison or being doxed for killing A brown person in this political climate! But I agree it was chicken shit of them not to go handle things!

    • why are u so stupid, why does it matter if his parents were citizens of United States or not. we was born in North Dakota. didnt you read that.

      • Probably because in 2021 the Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY against illegals seeking permanent residence in America. So, anchor babies really shouldn’t be holding illegals here. But our lawless government doesn’t follow the law of the land!

        P.S I don’t know if his parents are legally here or not. It’s amazing though that nobody seems to know and the question hasnt been answered yet.

  2. I’m surly sorry, what he did was wrong. I know he was bullied at school, but that doesn’t mean that he could became school shooter to take revenge.
    I forgive him, even though he’s already dead. I don’t hate him, but I do hate what he did.
    God bless and keep all the victims safe with Him

  3. I lost my baby when he was hit on his bike by a drunk driver, So I know how the family feels. I’m right there with them. It’s a whole different world without your child. If that would have been the cops babies in the school, they would surely go after them to save them. I believe the police should have tried to rescue those babies. I would have risked my life for those babies and teachers. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON THE POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!! I hope all the parents sue the police department. They deserve that much. Praying for all the parents who, have to live through that tragedy.

    • You nor anyone remembers that it was Customs and Border Protection that put that killer down. They are also the Police.

    • Abortion is immoral. “Raising” children in fatherless home creates all kinds of problems for girls and boys and is immoral . Too many selfish adults creating bad human beings but it’s “ok” because those single parents are hero’s….how screwed up.


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