Patricia Cornwall Biography

Patricia Cornwall is a former actress and playboy model. She has been accused of fighting and injuring the passengers and employees on a Delta Airlines flight. The flight was assumed to be landing in Atlanta. She could be seen in the video telling an older passenger to ‘mask up’.

Patricia Cornwall Wiki

A native of Los Angeles County, California Patricia was born on 27th November 1970. She is 51 years old divorced woman with two grown-up children (residing in UK) and has been working as a luxury property specialist since 2009 with diverse realty firms. Previously, Cornwall was in the limelight because of using the name Patty Breton. Patty Breton is an actress who has done several movies like Playboy: Cheerleaders, Baywatch, and many more. Cornwall goes by the name of the actress on Facebook.

The Whole Story

The incident took place on 23rd December 2021 while a Delta flight was going from Tampa to Georgia. According to the reports, Patricia was accused of evoking the names, punching and spitting on a passenger, and doing burglary into the flight. Patricia Cornwall is a 51-year-old woman who had to spend her Christmas day inside the bars. She made her appearance in front of the court in Atlanta on Monday, 27th December 2021.

She was later released with a bond of $20,000. For now, she has been barred from traveling on common carriers except her flight home to Los Angeles. The federal court has given her the name Patricia Yannet Cornwall. Cornwall was additionally barred from using alcohol and drugs. As per the court rules, she can fly to Los Angeles and back to Georgia for court appearances. She is currently taking her anxiety medications and it has also been reported by the court judge.

Patricia Cornwall Biography

Real Name Patricia Yannet Cornwall
Birth Date 27th November 1970
Age (as of 2021) 51 Years
Native Los Angeles County, California, United States
Nationality American
Profession Luxury Property Specialist
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Sagittarius

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 5” – in Centimeters – 165 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 58 kg  –  in Pounds –  130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Body Type Slim

Patricia Cornwall Family




Relationship Status

Marital Status Divorced
Who is her boyfriend/husband? Not Known
Children Two


On 23rd December, 2021 Patricia Cornwall was seen assaulting an elderly man who was eating and drinking while keeping his mask off. The whole incident was filmed by one of the passengers. The video has now gone viral. It could be seen in the video that Patricia Cornwall was trying to disturb the people surrounding her. She pointed out the common action of an elderly man who was eating while keeping his mask off. It was an obvious action. But, she behaved in a way to instruct him and keep sticking to her own decision.

Backlash from Social Media

As soon as the video gained attraction on social media, netizens started dubbing Patricia Cornwall as a ‘Karen.’ It is an internet slang word that describes a white, racist, and privileged woman more demanding than normal. The incident took the phase of intense argument between many people present on the flight at the moment. Although she was asking the older man to keep a mask on his face, she ironically pulled down her mask to get involved in the argument. She showed her chin to the man and said the words like “Put your f**king mask up!” she also showed her anger to the passenger while saying, “don’t you dare talk to me like that!”. Patty yelled at everyone as if she was the only one to travel on the flight. She made everyone get out of their comfort level and face her for the argument.

Cornwall also resorted to physical assault. She struck the man, spit on his face, and fingered him for not masking up his mouth. On the other hand, the environment became vivid and full of anger. The crew members tried their best to bring calm back to the flight and also let the lady be patient. Police immediatelt detained her as soon as flight landed. She was later transported to the FBI for investigations. Her video of fighting with the elderly figure has gone viral on social media. People are saying that she should be banned from flying to other areas. Legal investigations have been started, and she is already facing felonies and other charges. Apart from criminal assault, she also stands for battery felony, which is the obvious one.

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  1. I never was pretty, I never had women knocking down my door to date me. So I never had anything to get over. My guess is that at 51 the bloom is off the rose. The estrogen factory is having some supply chain disruptions. To answer her question you are not Rosa Parks. Rosa was a woman of courage you slapped an old man who was sitting down. Rosa was a hard working woman you shook you Mammaries for a living. I can only speculate about how many ways you are not Rosa Parks but I guess we would have to get your exs to help us with that list. In the meantime I recommend that you apologize to the old guy, tell the airlines that you are sorry and like a good liberal try to find a way you can blame Trump.,

    • “…and like a good liberal try to find a way you can blame Trump.” Shaun: Your prayers have been answered. As a good liberal myself, I am here to tell you that Trump and his cronies are ABSOLUTELY THE CAUSE OF the inordinate increase in verbal attacks and physical assaults on airplane flights since 2016. Trump’s “in-your-face” comportment and repudiation of acceptable social norms are exactly the reason that so many citizens today feel entitled to release their frustration on others in completely unacceptable, violent ways. After all, Trump and his cult worshippers unleashed the wave of brutality that resulted in the Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021.

      So just be a good conservative boy and continue to uphold your “family values” by blaming everything on the liberals.

      • Yeah, those were conservatives saying they were thinking about blowing up the whitehouse on inauguration day. Hate is the domain of the left, exclusion, cancel, challenged by the leaders to “get in their face”. Get real.

        • Oh, but all those leftist “”protesters”” who threw objects at conservatives and looted and stole, you are cool with? By the by, if you would take your liberal blinders off and turn off your biased media, you would find that the “insurrectionists” at the White House were the Mafia, another communist supporting entity like the now far-left party which I am about to leave!

  2. Today’s judges are part of the problem. She’ll walk with minimal punishment. But these are the moments that vigilante justice is born. She may not escape all that was supposed to come her way. Stay tuned.

  3. Rosa Parks had class and was a very hardworking woman. Patty Cornwall is nothing but a cheap thrill washed up Playboy centerfold that probably spends more time in the horizontal than vertical position and f*** her way up the professional ladder. Cornwall is a disgrace to the human race.


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