Laura Fink Biography

Laura Fink is the Founder and CEO of Rebelle Communications. She gained quite a lot of fame for her most-watched and valuable work on shows like Keeping Up with Jones (2019), Morning with Maria Bartiromo (2014), and Fox News Live (2008). Apart from this, she is also a motivational speaker and writer helping people to grow their businesses. 

Early Life

Laura was born on 12th February 1977 and she is the daughter of Bill Fink and Mary Ann Fink. She was brought up in El Carrito (a neighborhood of San Diego, California). Once in April 2018, she wished her father Bill Fink a happy 74th birthday. She shares her childhood with her brother, Enfuego Joe Fink, and sister Hermanas Fink.


Laura completed her primary studies for a high school diploma from Crawford High School from 1990 to 1994. Thereafter in 1994, she pursued her college studies. She received a degree in Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from Wellesley College in 1998. This is not the only thing she has received in her life, she has also been part of a few volunteering works during her college and high school life.

She has served as the volleyball coach for the United States Volleyball League, co-founder of Run Women Run, Chair of the Board of Directors for Coalition for Reproductive Justice, Board of Directors for NGS Movements, and another volunteering experience at Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. She has been part of a few social activities which she pursued during her college and school days.

Laura Fink Career

Laura is popularly known as the CEO and founder of Rebelle Communications. But this is not the only thing for which she is involved. Laura began her professional career as regional lead (Northeast and West) at MicroStrategy.

She pursued her first job from May 1999 to July 2000. After that, she became deputy campaign manager/finance manager at the national congressional campaign, finance director at Arcuri for Congress, president at Fink & Hernandez Consulting LLC, and most recently she is working as a local and national news outlet for United States-based Political Analyst – TV & Radio.

She founded Rebelle Communications in January 2017 and for 5 years and 2 months, she has been serving the position of CEO at the company. Laura describes her career as an achiever in all fields including speechwriter, strategist, and spokesperson. She has spearheaded campaigns in both traditional and digital media.

She has remained an active spokesperson on behalf of her clients. On her LinkedIn profile, Laura proclaims that she is a known personality to media outlets. She has served as a political analyst on local and national television and radio as well as print.

Most of her commentary articles have appeared in the newspapers and websites or media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Bloomberg News, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and The Huffington Post. She has also worked as a presenter at various professional organizations and civic groups including guest lectures on college campuses.


Laura has also spent her life as an athlete and a theater performer. She was born with tactical and a creative personality and believes in sharing the moments with almost everything that comes in her path.

Laura has developed her career field in the line of education, games, politics, media, technology, and business. She has developed herself as a non-profit executive and has also worked as a former speaker of the California State Assembly.

Laura Fink Biography

Real Name Laura Fink
Birth Date February 12, 1977
Age (as of 2023) 46 Years
Birth Place California, U.S.
Nationality American
Profession Political Analyst
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Aquarius

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 6’ 1” – in Centimeters – 185 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 62 kg  –  in Pounds –  136 lbs
Shoe Size 8 (U.S.)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim


Father Bill Fink
Mother Mary Ann Fink
Sister Hermanas Fink
Brother Enfuego Joe Fink


School Crawford High School

Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Affair No
Who is her husband? None

Personal Life

As of now, Laura Fink is not married. She is handling her work for a company named Rebelle Communication single-handedly. She describes herself as an independent personality who has tried her hands in almost every field including politics, media, athletics or games, social activities or civic, education, and others.

In one of her interviews for the “Filner Harassment Scandal” Laura stepped out in the media as a witness and spoke about the harassment with the lady. She claimed that Mayor Bob Filner misbehaved with the lady during a San Diego fundraising event that happened back in 2005. Laura explained that she did not come forward at that moment as she was trying to build her political career. Also, as proof, Laura handed the copy of the email in which the Mayor apologized for his behavior or the assaults.

Laura Fink Net Worth

Laura Fink is a multi-talented personality. She has achieved her professional career in almost every line. It is for sure that she must be earning millions. On the website Rebelle, she has described her story and has expressed it well in words.

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  1. Hi Miss. Laura.
    Enjoy watching you on Media Buzz,
    I’m 71 years old and grew up in Burbank. Lived across the street (Niagara Street) from a really old couple
    Lou & Bell Fink. When I went to college (1969) Lou & Bell celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. It was so great to attend. Are they perhaps grandparents to you? He was a hoot!! Always had a cute clean joke or story for me and my father. He called him self “The Finker”, and would just howl laughing.
    I have some really funny stories I could tell you about him, if you are interested.
    Can always email or call me better yet.
    Warm Regards
    Mattia D’Errico, Kemah (Houston) Tx.

    • What a POS DUMBOCRAP d!p$h!t! Her BS excuses regarding the Southern Birder Crisis is totally idiotic! What are the process and policies of the GOP??? Really? How about competing the border wall to deter those that can come into the country illegally? No AMERICAN wants to turn away any immigrant as long as they do it legally! The d!p$hit is nothing but a media darling trying to to make a name for her sorry a$$? No wonder why she doesn’t have a man? Makes one wonder if she likes to go both ways? Another liberal d!p$h!t who has drank too god dam much DUMBOCRAP KOOL-AID! What an idiot!

  2. Laura Fink is a democrat strategist that absolutely infuriates me with her spin yes spin on what’s really happening to the average middle class people being taken advantage of by the democrats. Spin spin spin.

    • She acts and looks like one of the Stepford Wives. And sort of looks like a dime store Dummy or Mannequin I call her Blinky because she seldom does.

  3. Go to hell you dumb democrap why pick on TRUMP money went farther gas cheaper stock market was at 36,000 not 32,000 what it is now. Push junk EV cars but you Dems fly their own planes go screw your self asshole

  4. I would hate to be married to her. If she’s single she deserves it.
    I just can’t understand why Fox news has her on TV as a contributor. Talk about one sided and slanted opinion.

    • When Fox News says they look at both sides of the story, they mean it. She makes me mad at times, but you cannot call Fox a hypocrite when they try to present the whole story, unlike CNN and MSNBC.


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