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Kristin Pitzen is a teacher who belongs to California. She has been recently revealed in a Tik Tok video saying that students must say a pledge Allegiance to the gay pride flag. In the video, she could be seen removing the American flag because it made her uncomfortable.

Kristin Pitzen Wiki

She was born on 4th August 1995 in Costa Mesa, California, and went to Archbishop Mitty High School in the class of 2014. She is currently residing in Costa Mesa city in California and working as a school teacher at Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, California. The video was shared by the Twitter Page Libs of Tiktok where it went viral and got more than one million views. Originally, the video was posted on the teachers’ Tik Tok page. The teacher has been identified as Kristin Pitzen who used to work in Mesa School District in Orange County, California.

The teacher derided the American flag and suggested students take the pledge of allegiance to the pride flag. She added that during the third period, we would have an announcement saying to take a pledge of allegiance. She encouraged students to stand if they feel like speaking and speak the words if they want. Kristin added that in her class students would surely stand out for whatever they want to speak. And it’s totally fine to stand for oneself. Except for the fact that she didn’t have a flag but it used to be there. She took the flag down during the COVID because it made her uncomfortable.

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Whole Story

Pitzen was unable to find that again and started thinking about where she could have put the flag in the classroom. In the video, she could inspiringly be seen while encouraging the kids to take a pledge allegiance to the flag and stand for one if there is a need to and speak the words to support oneself. Libs of Tik Tok also posted the second video in which the teacher has worn the rainbow earrings and glasses. With the help of those ornaments, she wanted to show off the pride flags in her classroom and said the words in front of her students.

Moreover, the caption of the video reads like, “…I pledge to allegiance to the queer…” She added that we must have the pride of being a part of the community. It’s the start of June month. It is 1 June today, i.e. the start of pride month. Later, she showed off pride flags in her classroom while saying that I pledge allegiance to the queer. She said such words while putting one of her hands on her heart. She said, “I have got really big pride, inclusive flag…” on the other hand, the school district is investigating the video that was created on 27th August 2021.

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Kristin Pitzen Biography

Real Name Kristin Mikaela Pitzen
Birth Date August 4, 1995
Age (as of 2021) 25
Native Costa Mesa, California, USA
Nationality American
Profession School Teacher
Religion Christianity
Sun sign


School Archbishop Mitty High School

Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Affair No
Is she Lesbian-Gay? Yes
Who is her boyfriend? Not Known

What the school district posted on Facebook?

On Friday evening, i.e. on 27th August 2021, one of their teachers created a personal social media post and created a concern related to respecting and saluting the American flag. Showing respect to the nations’ flag is an important part of appreciation that our district should instill in our students and that should be an expectation of our employees. We are taking this matter seriously and will investigate or address it. However, the post has attracted lots of negative comments against the teacher from the side of parents. One of the people wrote on the Facebook post, “….Let me know the address I will send you the one American Flag…..” while another person wrote, “… It’s simple. The teacher is either representing the ethos of NMUSD or she doesn’t. Further, he added that he will continue to watch the actions being taken by NMUSD for this.

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Backlash from Social Media

On the other hand, one has written, as she has posted this on Friday…. “There are thirteen mourn families of those soldiers who were attacked and killed in Afghanistan…” He sentenced the video to be shameful. Among the criticizing personalities who judged the teacher named Pitzen, there was one former acting director of national intelligence named Ric Grenell.

The Google cache for Pitzen has now deleted the Linkedin page that says that she is an English second language teacher working in the Orange County of California. Her other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were also deleted. She was among the listed English teacher on Back Bay High School website page that has now been deleted. The staff directory of the school is no longer active on the website or take participate in the comments section.

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