Karrin Taylor Robson Biography

Karrin Taylor Robson is a well-known corporate executive and land-use expert in Arizona. She is the President and Founder of Arizona Strategies, a leading land-use consulting firm based in Phoenix. In early 2021, she stepped down as an Arizona Board of Regents member in order to mainly focus on her election campaigns. Karrin successfully ran for the Arizona governor’s race however, she was defeated by Kari Lake in the 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial Election

Early life

Karrin Taylor Robson was born in 1966 in Arizona and raised as a Kunasek family member. Carl, her father, was the president of the Arizona Senate and a member of the Corporation Commission, while Andrew, her brother, served on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. She loves everything about Arizona like The Grand Canyon, the mountains, and the sunrises. Karrin Taylor Robson graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1988. Taylor Robson graduated from Arizona State University with a Juris Doctorate in 1994.

Karrin Taylor Robson Career

She began her legal career as a principal at Biskind, Hunt & Taylor, P.L.C., where she practiced land use, development, and zoning law, representing major landowners in substantial and complex land use issues. Karrin worked as the Executive Vice President of DMB Associates, Inc., a Scottsdale-based master-planned community developer, prior to founding Arizona Strategies. She is also a member of a number of government, community, and economic development bodies. Governor Doug Ducey named her to the Arizona Board of Regents in June 2017, which oversees the state’s public colleges, including Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona.

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She is now the chair of the Joe Foss Institute, a board officer of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, and a member of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and invisionAZ’s boards of directors. In addition, Karrin is a member of the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force’s Civic Leaders Group. Karrin has collaborated with national organizations that represent influential landowners and stakeholders from throughout the country to achieve balanced federal environmental law and policy on endangered species and wetlands issues. She has also pushed for a number of public-private partnerships to produce public infrastructure and other public benefits by utilizing private sector capital.


Robson officially launched her Republican quest for governor of Arizona in the 2022 election by filing a campaign committee with the Secretary of State’s Office on May 17, 2021. Taylor Robson described herself as a “lifelong conservative Republican” who would fight incumbent President of the United States Joe Biden’s program in her campaign announcement video. She managed to gain much attention of the public for her abortion ban laws but at the end lost to Trump-backed Kari Lake.


Karrin Taylor advocates on a daily basis for the creation and maintenance of a vibrant and diverse economy, the protection of property rights and the creation of value in real estate, and the support of our military men and women.

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Karrin Taylor Robson Biography

Real Name Karrin Taylor Robson
Birth Date 1966
Age (as of 2021) 55 Years
Birth Place Arizona, United States
Nationality American
Profession Businesswoman
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Not Known

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 6” – in Centimeters – 168 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 54 kg  –  in Pounds –  119 lbs
Shoe Size 6 (U.S.)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim


Father Carl
Brother Andrew


College Arizona State University.

Relationship Status

Marital Status Married
Husband Ed Robson
Children Four

Personal Life

When it comes to her marriage life then she married 91 years old Ed Robson who is a hockey star. Due to this, she quite often gets targeted for being a gold digger but it’s not the case here. She comes from a longtime conservative Republic family in the state. The couple has four children from this marriage and she says that her family is the best thing she has and is very grateful for them.

Karrin Taylor Robson Net worth

Throughout her career, she has served in numerous communities and economic development organizations as a board member. Apart from this, she is a successful entrepreneur as well as a businesswoman who got experience of more than three decades. Karrin Taylor Robson’s estimated net worth is $20 million which she earned through her career as a business person.

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  • Karin is a very well-known business person.
  • She belongs to the republican party of the USA.
  • Karin lives in the Biltmore Area in Arizona State along with her family.

78 thoughts on “Karrin Taylor Robson Biography”

        • How old was she when she married Robson. Is he the father of her children. Her ad says she raised three children by herself then how did he father her kids

          • I worked for Ed Robson for several years, quit in 2012. So Miss Karrin married him in the last 10 years. Ed was a Trump conservative in 2016, and person to person could be really nice. But back 10 years ago, when he was 80+, he was “handled” and the jerks that really ran his company created and fostered a horrible sexual harassment environment. For Karrin to marry a guy almost 50 years older than her is bizarre to say the least.

        • YesI already did. I don’t trust her because her first ad she claimed that she raised children by herself but now she says she is married.

  1. It would be nice to have you up to Prescott and share your views on numerous issues. The Republican Men’s Forum would be a good group to visit!

  2. When you shook your finger in the president’s face upon his arrival on the tarmac you lost my vote. That did not show respect for the office. I grew up in Texas and we were taught in our homes and our schools to be respectful of the office. Your arrogance is shameful and shows a lack of breeding.

    • That was Jan Brewer and she had every right to go that! Your inability to get your facts straight shows your ignorance and total lack of breeding!

      • I agree with the data I don’t agree with your incivility. It’s only diminishes the fact you pointed out which is correct and important please don’t cancel yourself out like that

      • Every right to go that? Yes, I see education worked for you too. I think the resemblance is uncanny between the two, even with the huge age difference. Karrin could be Jan’s twin. I’m all for women leaders. But pass on these people. Go KATIE HOBBS

    • Leaving aside that respect must be earned, not expected (particularly for a President of the United States) it is always best to get your facts straight before you misuse falsities.

      However, just to be clear, it would have been difficult for Jan Brewer to out arrogant the man she was shaking he finger at.

      It would also be good to discover WHY Jan Brewer acted as she did.

      There was thin skinned arrogance involved, but you have your direction confused.

      Brewer was letting Obama know, in no uncertain terms, that she wasn’t going to tolerate his patronizing attitude. Good for her. He was and elected official, not a king, no matter what he thinks he is.

      • Obama is the MC puppet for the deep State marionette Masters. His layer of the Onion will get peeled as will many other’s, regardless of political party.

      • Obama was hardly patronising. If anybody thinks he is a king, that would be the corpulent, orange, treasonous traitor to his own country. If you still support Trump after he incited an insurrection against our democratically elected government, you are NOT a patriot. What you NEED is a Civics/US Constitution refresher.

        • Joe you talk like a Democrat Liberal. Get your facts straight. President Trump in no way incited a riot or insurrection. Fortunately his late arrival put him no where near the capital when the people were escorted into the Rotunda by the Capital police. Trump told the people listening to him to proceed to the capital peacefully. The real insurrection began when Trump won the election by the Democrat party and lasted for 4 years. Oddly enough everything alleged was never proven nor produced a guilty verdict in the two impeahments.

          • Please watch the public hearings that are going on this week. It was a planned insurrection that thankfully did not succeed. It is time to look at the evidence…and there is plenty!

          • You are incorrect. Trump is a criminal who belongs in prison. He planned the insurrection, is a Putin lover & created the DSA (Divided States of America). He lost the election just shy of 8 million votes. Stooge Gulliani had every court case thrown out regarding election fraud as well as losing his license to practice law. He will be remembered as a Trump stooge & lunatic who appeared in a Borat movie, rather than a 911 hero.

      • That was our former Governor and Obama deserved every shake of her finger and then some. Get your people straight!!! Obama was the worst President in our history. He continues to work against America in his back room office on Capitol hill. Who do you think Biden is puppeting? Traitor Obama! He who SPIED ON TRUMP@!

      • You’re right I agree but c’mon, be nice. Nobody likes a capricious pernicious strident mercurial attitude. Many of us have raised teenagers. We got all we should ever get of that

    • Different blonde. And she did NOT shook her finger in Obama’s face. She was waving her hands and the photographer, who took a series of pics, chose the one that made it look that way. Don’t believe everything you see on the mainstream media!

    • That was Governor Jan Brewer shaking her finger at that p.o.s. Obama.
      So get your damn facts straight fool!

    • This is a perfect example of someone who is totally un-informed blaming the wrong person for their actions. Now you are the recipient of voting for a total idiot in Biden.

  3. In one of your videos, you mentioned that you raised your 4 children alone, it states that you are married. When did you get married? Were you married and then divorced or did your first husband die? How much land do you own along the AZ Mexico border?

    • I’ve been wondering about that myself. Did she really raise her 4 kids on her own, or did she co-parent through divorce, with the help of a nanny?

    • She has to have been married to him older- i used to visit Ed’s mansion with my friend who was “seeing” him several “evenings” a week. Beautiful place- we were in our 20’s he was in his 60’s !!!

  4. I don’t think we need another Ducey protege, and another attorney at that.
    She seems well connected with our rulers. How does this get us back on track to a truly free state/country?
    If we are not going to vote for truly conservative/constitutional candidates, what is a supposed red wave even worth?
    We are just recycling the Romney’s and Cheney’s of the Republican party.
    Not for me.

    • Policies are what count, and her’s are superior to anyone else’s in the race. Further, the legal expertise in land management issues will be an incredible assent in achieving the completion of the border wall. It’s the wall that counts, not who owns the land along the border. I hope she owns all of it…that would make it that much easier to reach the goal.

      She’s got my vote over the fake conservative that is Kari Lake. We certainly need someone like Robeson more than another protégé of Jeff Flake and John McCain.

      • No more political dynasties. To many family members in the swamp. That set up has never worked out. We the people are not connected (except country club Rino’s) wealthy people inviting politicians to dinner is the epitome of lobbying. That’s been the countries down fall for 2 centuries. Really think about it

  5. Karrin Taylor Robson is who I’ll vote for in the August primary. Not the Democrat phony Kari Lake who has a lot of Republicans fooled. She worked to elect Obama and never gave money to a Republican, including Trump. All kinds of red flags with her.

    • Trump’s endorsement always trumps political family dynasties like Robson. She may be straight and honest. Even the entire family. But political dynasties have a track record in our country none of them good

      • just another land fraud operation. Check out husbands bio. a real upstanding member of the community. Bulldozed desert ;land that did not belong to him. almost caused thye loss of a whole population of desert bighorn sheep because of his greed and stupidity.

  6. Hey Mark, She should have known it was the other scarecrow, who dishonored her state, by acting as a typical twat. She endorsed that Brewer finger wag.
    Everything she says she will do is Federal. Who is paying for wall? Trump gave away billions of dollars for military bases. You ever serve in our military? Federal troops can’t even touch a civilian refugee.
    She isn’t a Christian, but a temple dwelling morman, with no cross on top. She served in Rayguns’ administration. You think that she’s older than 60? Going nowhere , as money never buys a seat in Arizona.
    Just another tRumper! You, too. JS

    • If you’re sure she’s a Mormon, then she has lost my vote; Mormons are not Christians, but members of a cult who think they are Christians.

      • C’mon. Is the doctrine problematic, absolutely.
        Most everyday Mormon’s have great values. Values that have slowed morally corrupt incursions. Yeah it’s a bit of a “club”. The real mistake is furthering the building of her political family dynasty. Those have always been,,,,,anyway.

      • She may or may not be a Mormon but she married into one of the Mormon pioneer families in Arizona. There is a road in east Mesa named after them. Any older native Arizonan is aware of the family background

  7. I can not in good conscious Vote for some who wants to Do to Mexico what pUtIn has done to UKRIAN, I just read where ur buddy tRuMp and S. Millar wanted to send 250,000 Troops to the border. Guess you Guys are not content with the Genocide you did here. I know, it was my Ancestors, Not Me, Bullpooky, you are just like them. Greedy and a Bullshxxxr. you and Az Tony can Kiss my Arse.

    • You are uneducated and ignorant. Your use of the English language is abhorrent, spelling ridiculous and the thought that our beloved 45th President would perform Genocide on the border us just plain stupid, insane and full of lies. Russia is out to destroy the Nazi infiltrators in Ukraine and destroy American biochemical labs that created the Covid Virus. That’s right yours and my own govt did it!!! They brought Covid down upon us to test how well they could control us! They were effing successful. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Art.

      • Your spot on joanne, but realize you will never get through to these morons that are willing to hide inside for a year and a half, wear twelve masks, and take as many shots as they are told. Common sense escapes them. They even think the hollywood production known as ” the jan 6 insurrection” is real. Brainless wildebeests that will follow the faucis of the world right off the cliff. Like i said, MORONS !!

  8. Everything in your text is correct. How will she pay for the wall? You are talking about hundreds of
    millions of dollars. The state of Arizona does not have this money. This is a federal issue. All talk, but no substance when I read her six points. Who in the Arizona National Guard wants to go to the border and do clerical work since they cannot enforce immigration laws? Her six points are not well thought out or explained. She is 55 and her husband is 91? Obviously, she is very rich and owns a gun. All we need is another gun lover.

    • Yes WE DO! There is a reason why we have a 2nd Amendment. To protect ourselves from political Tyrants! Like BIDEN, CLINTON, BUSH AND OBAMA! Want to kive like UK, unable to protect themselves from the awful Queen and her minions, or Germany ( remember the Nazis would shoot you if you looked cross eyed at them?) or better how about CHINA!!

  9. My husband and I are both retired from the water and wastewater management.
    We would like to know what are your proposals for ensuring water for Arizona’ near and future water needs.

    • My advice is move to Eugene, OR (or somewhere that has water). Plenty of water, 64 degrees today, mild winter. The southwest is unsustainable. Thousands continue to move to AZ, apartments are still being built, etc. It’s already 114 in June. Republicans have done basically zero to give us a water future. Right now we should have desalination up & running to desalinate our underground aquifer water and to possibly desalinate water from the sea of Cortez, if we can make a deal with Mexico. It is already way too late. We are very close to losing hydro electric power. Our nuke plant provides 40% of our power. Republicans don’t believe in climate change, wind machines, solar, anything that will help mankind. They believe in greed, NRA $, oil $, etc. Trump is so stupid, he thinks coal should be resurrected. We do need oil. I don’t like electric cars in the desert-too hot for the battery. Desalination takes a lot of oil and there are environmental issues, but how many days can you go without water? At some point add a zero to your water bill as it becomes scarce. Mine is $63 to $630? Oh gosh! I love AZ, but it is doomed. At some point it will be another dustbowl. Sell your house, business etc. now or by 2023, before it is worthless. Find a place that has water. Our drought will only get worse. If you think I am full of s***, take a drive to lake Mead, Glen Canyon dam, lake Powell. If you learn anything from this, don’t trust politicians about our water or anything else.

  10. If she is such a conservative outsider the why did she raise and bundle money for the far leftist congress person Ruben Gallegos ? That man drops the f bomb to Republicans like Ted Cruz revelry chance he gets and is never taken off Twitter.
    Her entire family from her father down have held very high positions in Arizona politics. She is part of the RINO establishment which is why President Trump will never endorse her.

  11. She strikes me from a distance as disingenuous and artificial. I noted early on she had some lofty title in her ads with the Air Force Reserves (I believe but could be wrong) that has now been watered down a bit with a confusing title. She also claimed to have created thousands of jobs. Not as a small business owner I suspect. Looks like she is trying very hard to be something she is not. Unfortunately, that is the state of politics these days. Her tough 6 point plan to solve the border issues, if any one has read them, are lacking in any depth or that could be call “tough”. It is a shame a state with the history and potential of Arizona cannot identify and encourage more talented professionals to pursue this important leadership role. Reading many of these replies demonstrates the very low level of discourse. We need to engage the best and brightest. Robson appears to present as someone who is entitled, not qualified. In her case it is more about who she can convince to enhance her version of the truth. Probably a nice person one on one, but not for governor of this great state.

  12. If we read her statements of her history, she’s a McCain clone like Doucey. We’ve suffered with their decisions and I for one can’t wait for a change. The claim that she raised 4 children as a single parent seems to lack facts to support that claim. In my experiences with attorney’s prove to me that honesty is not held in high regard. Her bio seems to document those facts. I wish her lots of luck but I’ll choose someone else, even though she’s certainly not been limited on her election budget.

  13. The problem is plain and simple… White people on both sides. White people will be the downfall of America, and being Indigenous, we’re looking forward to seeing the downfall and watching the White man fail, as POC will not be around to help. Best thing for the White man to do is just head back to Europe before POC turn on them. Looking forward to when the Native gets America back, the southwest goes back to Mexico and Blacks can claim the land they were once slaves to. The future looks bright for POC!!!

    • Caution: your ignorance and arrogance is showing.
      I’m sure you’re aware that very few people on this continent decend from only one race no matter what racial or ethnic identity you claim. Race is just a tool used to divide people and make them easier to manipulate and control. Espousing that kind of bigotry is what will allow those who seek for power to use you for their purpose. Like a puppet on a string.

    • You are a riot !! If it were not for the White man there would not be any Mexicans, Latinos, et. al. Nor would there be any blacks in America. Only Indians.

  14. Beware of any one who uses public private partnerships to further their agenda. Oppose Public/Corporate Governance and all political dynasties. They lead to true fascim . Arizona needs people with moral backbone and an unquenchable love of truth no a lust for power. Karrin Taylor Robson seems like more of the weak moraly ambiguous Ducey/ Mc Cain type leadership or rather lack thereof. If she gets elected I sincerely hope she proves me wrong.

  15. She is running for governor so she can get her husband land. That’s it. That billionaire builds luxury unaffordable homes for the rich. The governor can move lines around to get him acreage for pennies on the dollar. The governor can pressure the utilities to move to the land. Smoke and mirrors to profit for her family. They already have billions BUT I GUESS NEED MORE!!!!

  16. NOPE. No more RINO McCain wannabees! I knew she was no good when I heard she sits on the Board of Regents – nothing but a huge money making scam for Michael Coors. Then Salmon endorsed her, then Ducey, then Pence – DONE. DONE AND DONE!! She’s an establishment hack and we are sick of that garbage here in AZ!!

  17. All the Trump supporters posted here who decry family political dynasties need to take a close look at how many Trump family members were placed in high political positions by President Trump. That practice will continue if Donald Trump becomes President again, for only one additional term, in 2024. One more reason for the GOP candidate in 2024 to be Ron DeSantis.


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