Gaige Grosskreutz Biography

Gaige Grosskreutz is the man who was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin and survived to tell the whole story. On the week of 8th November 2021, Grosskreutz took the witness stand to tell the story in the trial of Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is charged with killing two men and injuring another man who was later found to be in serious condition. Gaige Grosskreutz is that another man who survived. Rittenhouse is charged with multiple homicides and a serious felony of shooting two people dead named Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz.

Gaige Grosskreutz Wiki

Gaige is 27 years old guy who belongs from Milwaukee and resides in West Allis. He’s studying in his freshman year in high school and went to experience his first-ever protest. Even his American Politics subject teacher allowed him to go for this but Gaige wouldn’t have thought about this tragedy in the first place. With a good vision to help people, he picked the paramedic profession and even helped over a dozen overdosed people. He’s an adventurous guy who likes to go kayaking, skiing, camping, and swimming and his career goal is to in wilderness therapy.

Kenosha Shooting

He said that he thought the defendant was attacking him, testified Grosskreutz explaining why he approached Rittenhouse with a gun drawn after Rittenhouse got fallen on the street. Grosskreutz admitted that he was pointing a gun at Rittenhouse when he shot him. The attorney asked him that it was not him until he (Rittenhouse) pointed his gun at him and because of which he (Rittenhouse) fired. Grosskreutz answered that it was true that he was pointing a gun at Rittenhouse and he fired him in defense. But he tried to claim that he was not intentionally pointing at him. On the other hand, Rittenhouse’s attorneys are arguing that the boy pointed the gun and shot all three men in self-defense. He came to Kenosha to run his business. An assistant DA in the office is handling the case of Rittenhouse which has just completed one week.

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Kenosha Protest

Grosskreutz was part of the protest in Kenosha that night when Rittenhouse shot and killed other two men. The videos and testimony in the trial show that Rosenbaum was chasing Rittenhouse that made himself to the corner near the cars in the parking lot. The witness Richie McGinniss showed a video that further showed that Rosenbaum was trying to get and was lunging for Rittenhouse’s gun when Rittenhouse killed and shot him dead.

Rosenbaum was unarmed at that time but Rittenhouse’s attorney team is trying to convince the jurors that he posed to threaten Rittenhouse because of which he shot him and killed him. On the other hand, prosecutors tried to establish that it could be possible that Rosenbaum was falling from being shot but not lunging and pushed back the characterization of McGinniss. During the testimony on 8th November, Grosskreutz described how he heard the gunshot and thought that Rittenhouse was the active shooter.

Gaige Grosskreutz Biography

Real Name Gaige Grosskreutz
Birth Date 1993-94
Age (as of 2021) 27 Years
Birth Place Milwaukee
Residence West Allis, Wisconsin
Nationality American
Profession Paramedic Student
Religion Christianity
Sun sign

Gaige Grosskreutz Family

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Gaige Grosskreutz Statement

Grosskreutz said that he was very close to the defendant and thought he was likely to shoot him if he would do anything. He approached Rittenhouse with a gun and cell phone in hand while being his hands up in the air. On the other hand, Rittenhouse tried to shoot Grosskreutz and fired while his hands were up but it didn’t work and thus he reracked his gun. He further added that he was closing the distance between himself and the defendant when Rittenhouse shot him. Kyle was actually trying to do something that could prevent himself from being shot and killed. He tried wrestling the gun but never tried to kill the defendant. He was actually trying to preserve his own life from the defendant.

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

On the other hand, Rittenhouse must convince in front of the jurors that he himself was in danger and wanted to prevent himself from other’s harm as he was in great bodily harm. When asked by the prosecutor that why Grosskreutz didn’t shoot Rittenhouse even when he was having a gun in his hands. He replied that he (Rittenhouse) was not looking like that kind of person so he didn’t shoot him. Gaige revealed that he was carrying a gun despite having an expired concealed carry permit.

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He could not recall the thing that whether the gun fell off his waist in between or not. He further denied the blame that he was chasing Rittenhouse with his gun. But when asked about his comment to the police right after the shooting, he said that he ran on him and had a Glock pistol in his hands to which Grosskreutz stated yes. He said that he was going through many surgeries and was in pain so got traumatized at the moment. What he said, in the end, was that he was worried for his safety.

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