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Dr. Sean Brooks delivered a series of incendiary speeches about COVID-19 vaccinations at what some people who saw the video claimed was an Ohio educational committee meeting, according to those who posted it. With his speech, he literally warned people and made kinda scary statements about what will happen to the person who had taken the COVID 19 vaccines. A video containing all his statements went viral overnight and created a storm on social media.

Early Life

There is no information available regarding his age but looking at the video he seemed to be either in his thirties or forties. Dr. Sean has thought about health and wellness medications, as well as life systems and physiology. He graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a bachelor’s degree and went on to Walden University for his master’s and Ph.D. However, during his speech, he stated that he has done a Ph.D. from Oxford but he hesitated a bit before saying the name which sparked rumors that all his claims seem to be fake.

Dr. Sean Brooks Career

According to sources, all websites have removed Dr. Sean’s professional information from their pages as a result of his statement during the epidemic. He is currently unknown to the public. Also due to sudden fame, his background is still not too much known. He claims to be a medical doctor but on social media, he received huge backlash because of his baseless claims. Apart from this, there is not enough proof available about his occupation because Ph.D. which he claims from Oxford seems to be not true as well.

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According to a YouTube recording of the meeting, a guy identified as on 16 August 2021, at the Board of Education of the Talawanda School, Dr. Sean addressed. Several speakers argued in favor of mask mandates and other COVID-19 rules in the school district, as well as against them. According to their website, the Talawanda School District is located in southwest Ohio and educates around 3,000 students in the rural area surrounding Oxford, Ohio. Brooks, who claims to be on the video from Oxford, begins to speak about the 29-minute moment you can see above.

At one point in the video, Brooks identified himself as “Dr” and you can view it below. Sean is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oxford. He warned parents and board members that those who received the vaccine would die and become sterile. Scientific studies and famous specialists, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, disagree, claiming that the vaccines are safe and can help avoid the current COVID-19 outbreak, which is filling hospital beds across the country due to the delta version.

Dr. Sean Brooks Biography

Real Name Dr. Sean Brooks
Birth Date 1980s
Age (as of 2021) 30-40 Years
Residence Oxford, Ohio
Nationality American
Profession Medical Doctor (Claims)
Religion Christianity
Sun sign


Father Douglas Brooks


College Miami University, Walden University

Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Affair No
Who is his wife? Not Known
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Dr. Sean Brooks Personal Life

According to news stations and reports, Dr. Sean Brooks’ family, friends, children, career, and personal records have all been erased from his online presence. His inappropriate speech has led him to an indecent life.

Social Media Influence

There isn’t much known about “Dr. Sean Brooks,” according to social media commentators. On Amazon.com, there is an author with the same name Dr. Sean M. Brooks, but it can’t be said if it’s the same person or not.  In the past, a “Dr. Sean Brooks Ph.D.” with a similar appearance has made inflammatory comments in videos. According to Bitchute, the visitor, a PhD-holding Dr. Sean, rather than medical, dedicated his career in teaching. According to the video. On the university website, there is no longer a page that mentions Dr. Sean Brooks releasing books.


  • The Bitchute video’s headline, which was posted on August 18, 2021.
  • “Getting the Vaccine Will Cause Your Death,” said Dr. Sean during an SW Ohio School Board meeting.
  • “I’ve got 48 publications, 23 of them,” Dr. Sean adds. I studied medicine, anatomy, and physiology for the previous 21 years.”
  • Even his father made racist remarks about peaceful protesters in 2020.
  • He earned his Ph.D. online from Walden University.

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  1. Please edit this information to reflect that this man is not a medical doctor. His degrees are ALL in education. He falsely, and intentionally, misrepresents himself as someone with a medical education. As someone with a medical education, I can confidently say that his claims are outrageous and outright lies. A quick bit of research can prove every single one of his claims false.

    • If it’s false why has google removed everything about him? I am getting more untrusting of the media and internet platforms everyday. Let me do my own research and learn the truth.

    • Dr. Sean Brooks is telling the world the truth about the virus, all vaccinated people are producing and spreading the CODID-19 virus. The shots do not protect you in fact they are designed to kill you especially the new booster shots. You will get blood clots, kill your fetuses, cancers, and much more. You won’t be able to donate your toxic blood produced by the CODID-19 shots. Let’s not kid ourselves the Global Powers to be, Big Tech, Military Industrial Carpal, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, NIH, FDA. etc. want the population on this globe eradicated, these shots are set up and designed to kill you. Give it to your children, they will die or be sterilized; you will have no grandchildren, and our schools will have no pupils. The criminals like Gates, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and all Nazis from WWII want you dead! So wake up, The unvaccinated people are not spreading this disease, only the vaccinated. Oh how the Global Elite want you dead, wake up, wear your mask and keep clear of the vaccinated, or you too will become infected and will die. Dr. Brooks is educated and he is trying to keep us alive.

      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_of_Philosophy

        Read what a PhD has to do. He is more than qualified to research these jabs and he also mentions Malone who created the jabs. Malone said they should not be taken by humans either. You people would rather let non doctors or PhDs tell you to take this thing before you would listen to real doctors. The WHO and CDC are not doctors. Look at all the shot they have told people was safe in the past. People have died and have had all kinds of problems from things these people approve. I have had 3 people I know that took them snd have died already.

        • Go to America Frontline Doctors. These are renowned doctors that know exactly what they are. They were the best doctors in the world before they wouldn’t go along with this plan. Now they are not good doctors because they didn’t go along with this fraud and population control crap

    • Funny no different then Dr Jill Biden…maybe they are all friends??
      I can’t do much more investigating since allot of his information has been wiped off the internet…that is more dangerous then keeping it on.

  2. I read where all bio info on him was taken down because of his speech against vaccines. One should ask themselves why, Where is the proof he is not who he has stated ??

    • His degree is from Miami University in Oxford, NOT Oxford as he insinuates. Oh, and its a PhD in Education, nothing medical, and all his “publications” are self- published, and are on educational topics.

      • He lives in Oxford, OH. He was speaking at a school board meeting where each person gave their home address or city of residence to show they lives in the school district. His pause was a sentence break. He is a PhD. He lives in Oxford.

  3. All people have to do is look up the Pfizer and Moderna’s own studies amd respective omission and skewing of data amd ask “why”. Go look at the Supply amd Manufacturing agreements that were supposes to be kept under wraps for years after the fact and the deals made months in advance for boosters they claim they just figured out you needed. Pharma knows better than to make the claims corporate media and government are making for them.
    Everything we were advised to do by these literal fascistd had the opposite reaction of what was promised


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