Cassidy Hutchinson Biography

Cassidy Hutchinson is an American personality, who is recently in the news because of her session of testifying live with the penal over the discussion of the things that took place inside the White House during the 6th January Capitol attack and the decision to overturn the Presidential Elections’ results.

The panel believes that Cassidy could have important testimony to present and to talk about the things that may have been lost somewhere by the panel. The live telecast of Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony on the 6th of January Riot broke all the records for viewership as it gained the largest live real-time daytime audience.

As per the Nielson ratings, her testimony reached 13.17 million viewers telecasted on 28th June 2022. Her testimony completely changed the investigation of this case as Department of Justice officials are looking to find potential criminal culpability of Donald Trump in the 6th January Capitol Riot.

Cassidy Hutchinson Bio, Age, Parents, Husband, Net Worth

Cassidy Hutchinson was born in 1995/1996 in Mercer County, New Jersey and she grew up in Pennigton. For her school education, she went to Hopewell Valley Central High School from where she graduated in 2015.

It’s kind of a surprise that she is a first-generation college student because no one from her family attended college at that time. She went to Christopher Newport University where she finished majoring in Political Science. Ever since her school days, she was eager to join the White House, and when she got to know about the internship.

Cassidy Hutchinson Career

She worked as an executive assistant to Mark Meadows when he was Trump’s Chief of Staff. However, after Trump left office, she wasn’t linked to Trump or Republican Politics. From 2015 to 2018, she attended Christopher Newport University in Virginia and then interned at the Trump White House in 2018.

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Before her White House internship, she interned under Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Steve Scalise. In her college newspaper, she described herself as a first-generation college student and expressed her goal to pursue a path of civic significance.


According to her LinkedIn profile, she has worked in the White House with the starting job profile of the Office of Legislative Affairs (March 2019 to March 2020). Then promoted to the position of Executive Assistant to the chief of staff (March 2020 to January 2021).

Finally, she served in the position of Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, which she continued for 9 months, from May 2020 to January 2021. Cassidy has also worked for the Office of Legislative Affairs, which was about to connect with the administration agenda in Congress.

During that time, she would start her day while working on the daily strategies and meeting sessions with the White House Senior Staff. She would typically work on drafting public messaging in support of administration priorities and would help to produce communication with Congress, assisting legislators and the White House events.

6th January Testimony

On 27th June 2022, Cassidy appeared for the testimony for the capitol attack of 6th January with the committee hearing. She along with the investigators spent more than 20 hours in a deposition. 

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The things and the ongoing reporting deposition said that there was something more extensively informative about Meadows’s activities- with a special focus on trying to overturn the decisions of the presidential elections.

Appearing on TV with Cassidy could offer crucial information to investigators for potential future legal actions involving former President Trump. This specifically focuses on Meadows’ cooperation with the committee.

It’s important to note that the congressional committee isn’t responsible for prosecutions. If evidence is found against Donald Trump, the case would be transferred to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for potential prosecution.

Cassidy Hutchinson was the person who worked under Meadows and often used to speak to him. She was responsible for keeping the details of the schedule of meetings or other activities in the White House.

Cassidy seems to be the prime witness to speak a lot about what was happening behind the scenes on the day of 6th January 2021. She told the committee or the panel that during the day, she saw Meadows incinerating documents after he met with Rep. Scott Perry after the 2020 elections were over.

Cassidy Hutchinson Biography

Real Name Cassidy Hutchinson
Birth Date 1996
Age (as of 2023) 27 Years
Birth Place Pennington, New Jersey, United States
Profession American Top Aide and The Former Special Assistant
College Christopher Newport University
Qualification Graduate

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 6” – in Centimeters – 168 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 61 kg  –  in Pounds –  134 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Father Richard Hutchinson
Mother Angela Hutchinson

Relationship Status

Marital Status Single
Who is her Boyfriend? Not Known
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Key Points in Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony

  • Cassidy said that Mark Meadows was already notified that some individuals were armed with firearms and also carrying weapons. Thus, they couldn’t get clearance from the security that handles magnetometers to enter the rally.
  • Donald Trump responded he didn’t care if his supporters were carrying weapons. He ordered the removal of magnetometers because it shouldn’t hurt them.
  • Hutchinson added that Donald Trump got furious when he found out that Attorney General William Barr didn’t find any evidence regarding election fraud. Mr. Trump even threw his lunch plate against a wall while having dinner on 1st December 2020.

Personal Life

Cassidy is single at the moment because we couldn’t find any evidence of her husband or boyfriend. Also, there are no media reports available about her past relationship so we can say that she is probably focusing on her career at the moment.

Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth

Cassidy Hutchinson, who seems to be living in her mid-20s, was surely earning well because of her job at the White House. Before landing her job at the White House, she interned with various high-profile White House positional personalities. At this moment, we can’t say her exact amount of wealth but it is obvious that she would be rocking a hefty amount in the form of her salary.

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  1. Thank you Cassidy Hutchinson from a Republican that has become embarrased and am now an Independent. Telling the truth is much more complicated than coming forward.

    You have made me proud to be a patriot again, for the minute.

    • She lied. This has already been refuted by people who were actually there. What’s the sentence for lying to Congress?

        • By the two Secret Service Agents who were supposed to be the ones that President Trump tried to “manhandle” and/or grab one of their clavicle! They are both willing to testify, under oath (just like she’s done), that none of this ever happened! She either lied, did not understand what Trump wanted to do, doesn’t like Trump anyway, or really doesn’t know what really happened; most of her testimony is hearsay l, as she said that “she was told whatever blah, blah, blah she testified about!

          • Since when is hearsay allowed in a court? This is the biggest load of crap! I don’t even understand how anything she said was allowed????

          • Well if the 2 SS agents that were in the car with Trump have said they will testify how come they have not come forward to do that very thing??? They lawyered up!!! Why would they do that??? I agree with one of the comments that there is a lot of hearsay but why would these people say these kinda of things if it was never said or done??? I watched Cassies testimony and watched her body language and I truly believe her testimony… Her office was right down the hall from the Oval Office

        • By the Secret Service members she claims were there. Plus it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to do sitting in the BACK of a Limo or SUV. Trump does not ride shot gun.

        • Jeff,
          Refuted by the very people who lie to all Americans every time they are given the opportunity. The Republican party is full of Pathological Liars who lie about everything. Lie, Cheat and Steal first and foremost then rip and swear and throw things when they don’t get their own way by telling lies . Finally they will spend billions of tax payor money to buy the courts to win and get their way. Go Republican Party… to hell

          • I graduated with 3 college degrees, graduated in the tops of my class, received a full scholarship, was the captain of the debate team, drove semi-trucks……sounds like a Republican :-

      • You lied. NO ONE has refuted her testimony, especially her boss Mark Meadows and the Secret Service Agent who was in charge of Donald’s detail on that infamous day.

        • President Trump, Mark Meadows and the Secret Service agent she said President Trump tried to grab in the car on J6 have all denied her testimony…Meadows and the Secret Service agent will testify against her testimony.

      • How do you know that those that are refuting her are not lying. After all they are politicians. I watched her testimony and she held her own during an extremely stressful time under oath. I am proud that her generation has people of courage and high promise like her included. I am not as worried about the future with people like her standing up with courage and honesty as I have in the past. You go Cassidy.

        • Much was said in the same manner about the rising star for the Democraps, and gloated favourably by CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC…….the one and only Michael Avenatti……:-

        • Remember the infamous quote “I am not a crook”. We know how that played out in disgrace for Tricky Dick. Maybe Trump will do us all a favor and go to one of his golf courses. Use to be a Republican but no more.

      • Cast not your pearls (of wisdom, or facts) before swine, lest they turn and trample you. Liberals and never-trumpers hate truth.

    • Maybe you should consider that what she provided to the Sham committee was “Hearsay” and would not be permitted in a Court of Law. From another Patriot

    • I agree with you . Thank you Cassidy for being fearless , strong , and standing for what is the truth and what is right .

  2. A very brave and smart young woman!
    Thank you for your honesty and courage.
    You have set the bar high! I hope your colleagues can follow in your footsteps
    God Bless you!

  3. Cassidy Hutchison knows the distinct difference between the truth and a lie. She also knows the difference between right and wrong. Her courage to tell the truth, when grown men won’t, is refreshing and encouraging to the citizens of this country. She tells it like it was, a big political coup!

  4. Thank you Cassidy for your patriotism and bravery to stand up for the truth! Your testimony gives me hope that more republicans will see and believe what actually happened. You are an American hero and will always being remembered as such.

  5. Dear Ms. Hutchinson,
    While I find it surprising how little is known about you, we do know based on interviews and testimony given by Mr. Ortani and Mr. Engel, that you lied about the story in the Presidential limo.
    If this were a trial, the judge would instruct us that since you lied about that it is reasonable to assume you lied about everything.

    • By the two Secret Service Agents who were supposed to be the ones that President Trump tried to “manhandle” and/or grab one of their clavicle! They are both willing to testify, under oath (just like she’s done), that none of this ever happened! She either lied, did not understand what Trump wanted to do, doesn’t like Trump anyway, or really doesn’t know what really happened; most of her testimony is hearsay l, as she said that “she was told whatever blah, blah, blah she testified about!

    • Bravo, a half wit attorney on cross exam could have tripped her up , that’s why there is no cross exam allowed by dems.

    • You know little.

      Ortano and Engel would be questioned under oath. (not Oranti)

      Oranto might be asked, “Why did Trump promote you to ‘Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations’?”.

      Never did Ms. Hutchinson state this incident as fact. At this point, it’s merely hearsay. (at this point)

      Learn to spell, read, and something about legal procedure before you open your mouth and speak untruths that you base on a construct that as of yet is entirely irrelevant.

      • Well stated! Many people should read more and learn about legal procedures before opening their mouths!! Spelling thou may be a task too far..LOL

  6. What an impressive, and poised young woman! Thank you for being so honest and brave to come forward with your testimony!

  7. Thank you for telling what you saw and heard during and after January 6th. I appreciate your courage in coming forward to testify, so the America public can get a first hand account of what occurred.

  8. Perhaps it’s a bit too soon to judge. Time will tell and because of the excellence demonstrated by this Committee so far, I’m certainly not willing to bet against them or dispute their witnesses.

    • It takes a young woman to show truth to power without fear! Shame on you Mark Meadows. He is just lying in the weeds to see who will come up on top before he opens his mouth!

  9. For some reason google won’t show who she’s working for now. Makes me suspicious of her motives considering other people who were there have different opinions on what happened. Democrat committee hasn’t brought them in to testify.

  10. Your testimony gives me hope that this horrible nightmare created by Donald trump may soon end and the TRUTH will prevail!

  11. So let me get this straight, many of you making comments here, actually BELIEVE that Biden won the 2020 election? That dufus couldn’t find his ass with both hands while looking at a map of his body and you actually think he got 81 million votes while campaigning from his basement?
    Have you seen “2000 Mules”? Have you considered that this kangaroo court proceeding has never looked at any of the 40,000+ minutes of video taken via security cameras inside the building?
    Have you considered that these treasonous bastards on this committee have never made an effort to pursue the evidence regarding Ray Epps and his efforts to get people to go into the building? Ray is apparently an operative of the FBI and they (the FBI), are not providing any information on him even though they have acknowledged their familiarity with him.
    They want you to believe a member of the Capitol Police was killed during the event on January 6th. Do you know that he actually died from a stroke days AFTER the event?
    Do you know the Capitol Police are actually under the control of Nancy Pelosi?
    Do you know that Trump offered to authorize 10,000 National Guard troops to be sent to the Capitol before January 6th and Pelosi refused his offer?
    Do you know the FBI has video of the person that placed the bomb on the Capitol grounds before the Jan 6th event and somehow they just can’t seem to locate him? Even though they found approximately 200 people that were there in a matter of days, using facial recognition and GEO location data. Somehow they just can’t seem to locate the bomber even though they have video of him that includes his face.
    People, stop watching this clown show, turn off MSM news (including FOX) and look at all the amazing data being researched and presented.
    “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled” Mark Twain

    • Do you know that this never should have happened , Do you know that the video shows trump standing there for hours watching this riot , did nothing , and seemed proud like his team was winning the superbowl . . Did you know that people were telling him to do something , and he was upset , and did nothing ??? Do you Know ???

    • I applaud you, Dave! You have it down perfectly! These brainwashed leftist, Trump hating idiots will believe whatever their MSM tells them to believe!

    • Let’s guess you know all of what you claim, because of what? Oh let me guess the internet abs whatever you happen to troll of the internet is God given truth. You’re one of those people who are unhappy and bitter at society or better yet just racist and hateful and for the past whatever years have been using Dump as a middle finger to society. Dump has not done anything for you or anyone except the wealthy and McConnell. Anyone making less than 75,000 Dump messed up our taxes so bad we don’t even get taxes back. And if you’re blessed to own a home you can’t even put average home renovations on your taxes cause of Dump. You’ll won’t be happy until Dump give the country to putin (notice I didn’t capitalize). That young woman was more than credible, she was honest we all saw it. So stop it already. Admit it Dump single handedly ran the Republican party into the ground. If he cannot run or don’t get elected Dump is going to burn the Republican down to nothing. That you can count on.

    • Exactly. People watch CNN, MSDNC, CBS, etc. and think they are telling the truth, when in fact it is all propaganda and lies. If the sheep aren’t awake by now, they will never be.

  12. Cassidy, thank you for your bravery. Of only our elected representatives and other witnesses to the corruption in the Republican party and in our federal government would follow your example.

  13. Wow did we listen to the same testimony.. Your 26 years old.. 2 years ago your net worth was $500,000. today 3 million.. Your bosses office was down the hall but yours wasn’t in the building.. You never spoke to Donald Trump personally.. But you tell a story about him grabbing seat belts of drivers in a Presidential limo, with Plexus glass. I’m pretty sure Trump did not yell shotgun or was traveling in a Ford Focus.. So far, everything you testified about, you heard from another source.. In our United States that is called hearsay.. Come on people.. Listen.. Research.. Look up the Beast.. Motorcade…

  14. this not a hearing, where is the cross examination, this is a political documentary production orchestrated and led by obviously biased officials. No opportunity to refute or even question the alleged “testimony”, put forth by the carefully selected “witnesses” group. What a sham….the guy conducting the hearing has always hated Trump. What a waste of taxpayer dollars, but think of all the money spent to impeach Trump right from the beginning. Trump interrupted the Dem’s money train……..A bunch of CROOKS.


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