Scott Horn Biography

Scott Horn was a retired FBI investigator. He was found to be dead in his yard on 16th March 2017. After a protracted investigation, Scott’s wife Anne Reed Allen was arrested on 30th June 2017. She was further charged with first-degree murder with the conspiracy to commit murder and use of handgun at the scene of crime and violence.

Scott Horn Wiki

63 years old Scott was a native of Laurel, Maryland who was certainly living a healthy life. However, he didn’t expect that his life would take a drastic turn of unexpected events and would eventually die.

Whole Story

With the inspection of the case, it was found that Scott Horn was shot dead and beaten to death while being covered with tarp and woodpile in his yard behind his home area in Laurel, Maryland. With an in-depth investigation, it was learned that there was criminal violence between the couple Scott Horn and his wife Allen which further included criminal charges. The two had been proceeding with the divorce proceeding following which Scott Horn died a few months after. Scott’s wife was arrested after a three-week trial in late 2018. It was being revolved around circumstantial evidence.

Further, it was established that she was the major culprit of his estranged husbands’ murder. The state’s attorney office wrote in their statement that they were not satisfied with the results and were disappointed to great extent due to which the case was reopened at the time. Shortly after Scott’s wife Allen was arrested another individual was also arrested. Jason Allen Byrd of Westminster was further taken into custody and was charged with first-degree and second-degree murder and the conspiracy to murder with the use of a handgun and creating an act of violence as reported by the Baltimore Sun.

What happened when his children reported him to be missing on 16th March 2017?

On 16th March 2021, Scott’s children reported him to be missing when his daughter became suspicious and when Scott didn’t call her in the morning. Later that evening, Scott’s son found his dead body covered with tarp and firewood in the home’s yard in Laurel, Maryland. In the investigations, it was found that Scott Horn was shot in his neck and was not found to be fatal at that time. Then, immediately the ex-FBI investigator was beaten to death and was suffered from severe trauma on his face and the upper body portion. Moreover, the authorities were unable to find any DNA evidence at the time when Scott’s body was investigated and he was found dead.

Scott Horn Biography

Real Name Scott Alan Horn
Birth Date 1954
Age (when died) 63 Years
Native Laurel, Maryland, USA
Nationality American
Profession FBI Agent
Religion Christianity
Sun sign





Relationship Status

Marital Status Married
Who is his wife? (Estranged) Anne Reed Allen

Scott Horn Investigation

According to the investigations and Washington Post, the charged persons Scott’s wife Allen and Byrd were involved in a romantic relationship and Byrd received a text message the day of the murder. The day when Scott Horn was found dead, Allen send a text message to Byrd while thanking him for being the “muscleman”. Also, the documents and investigations revealed that Byrd’s truck was found at the scene of the incident at Horn’s home when he was found dead and his body was investigated with bad conditions and gunshots in his upper body. At the time of Byrd’s arrest, Allen accepted that there were two “work friends” who were further involved in the case and their relationship was limited to platonic type only. However, Byrd was released as there was a drop in the case due to inadequate parts of investigations and proofs against him.


While the authorities said that the case would remain open after Allen’s acquittal, no further detentions were made in connection to Scott’s death. During Allen’s trial, her defense attorney submitted the statements like Scott Horn was not much liked by his neighbors and was known to carry a lot of money with him while going on any outside journey (as reported by Baltimore Sun).

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