Samantha Wendell Biography

Samantha Wendell was 29 years old and was going through the age period when she decided to marry someone late this summer. She died after refusing the COVID-19 vaccination thinking that it would make her infertile.

Samantha Wendell Wiki

29 years old Samantha Wendell was born on 16th March 1992 years old and was residing in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. Her father’s name is Micheal whereas her mother is Jeaneen Wendell. Samantha was a loving sister to Micheal and Mitchell.

Whole Incident

She was all set to tie her knot with her fiancé Austin Eskew who was a correctional sergeant during this summer in late August 2021. The couple refused to get the jab after Wendell’s co-worker told them that the COVID-19 vaccination is causing infertility in couples and those who want three or four children should not go for the vaccine. However, the CDC has denied the rumors saying that those who want to get pregnant and want to have children in the future are purely safe with the vaccination. It is safe for partners who want to get pregnant in the future. Even though the CDC has not confirmed that the vaccination is making couples go infertile, Wendell was hesitant.

She waited to make her mind but was caught by the pandemic disease. She had to spent her wedding day, i.e., 21st August while being on a ventilator and died shortly after the misinformation. Wendell’s Cousin Maria Vibandor Hayes told NBC that they are telling the story to everyone to alert them about the rumors being spread about vaccination. They are hoping that it will help people to stop their unnecessary actions and take the steps which would help them combat COVID-19. Her cousin said that if we want to save more families and lives then this is the best gift that Samantha has left for all of us.

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Samantha Wendell Biography

Real Name Samantha Wendell
Birth Date March 16, 1992
Died September 10, 2021
Age 29 Years
Native Grand Rivers, Kentucky, USA
Nationality American
Profession Surgical Technician
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Pisces


Father Micheal Wendell
Mother Jeaneen (Webber) Wendell
Sister Mitchell Wendell
Brother Micheal Wendell



Relationship Status

Marital Status Engaged
Who is her fiance/boyfriend? Austin Eskew

Samantha Wendell and her would-be husband were about to get vaccinated shortly after their bachelorette party in Nashville and when she returned home, she caught the virus. According to her fiancé Eskew, she could not stop coughing and began gasping for air. She was immediately taken to the hospital. The couple tested positive for the virus but Samantha was suffering from more serious symptoms and to stabilize her, the doctors put her on a ventilator on 16th August 2021 just five days before her wedding day.

Samantha Wendell Cause of Death

Wendell’s mother told that she was put on a ventilator at the age of 29 years old and was asked if she could receive the vaccine or not. But it was not going to be good at this point. It weighed heavy on her heart that if all these things could be avoided. On the other hand, they could delay the wedding to 10th September. It made Wendell take off her life support when she heard from doctors that there will be fewer chances of survival. Her fiancé Eskew said that he feels incomplete without his future bride who had been with her since college days. He said that she was having a great influence on his life decisions and whatever important he used to do. He further added that we don’t do anything without having another person.

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Instead of the happiness and joy of the wedding, Wendell’s family is preparing to host her funeral on 18th September 2021. The family said that Samantha was in love with her surgical technician work. she used to rescue to love her pets. She also loved to elaborate decorations for special occasions like Christmas and surprises. She also used to enjoy hanging out with friends. They have started an online fundraiser page called GoFundMe which is set to cost a funeral for Samantha. The page has further raised $1,650 with a $1,500 goal.

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