Michael Louis Biography

Michael Louis is the suspected shooter who was enraged by the back pain and went to shoot and kill at least four people with his gun at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The suspected person was present on the second floor where the orthopedic department was centered. The suspected person is known to be having the name Michael Louis Baptiste and his motive behind this massacre has been revealed by the police. According to the reports, Michael Louis was about to target an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Preston Phillips, who performed back surgery on the suspected person.

Michael Louis Wiki

A native of New Jersey Michael Louis who is having Haitian roots was working in a technology firm as a health desk analyst. As per the online records, a woman who is a physician is also living along with him in the house located at Muskogee. However, her identity or how she related to Louis isn’t disclosed as of yet but it’s showing that she is practicing family medicines.

Mindset of the suspect

Michael was upset with his back pain and had surgery by the surgeon Dr. Phillips in the past. The police said that they are not sure whether the suspect was trying to get someone specifically or not. The police also revealed that Louis left a note articulating the motive. On the other hand, Dr. Preston Phillips was found deceased in an exam room. Explaining the content of the letter left behind by the suspected person, the witness Franklin said that Louis was blaming Dr. Preston Phillips for the ongoing pain because of the surgery.

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Whole story

On 19th May 2022, Louis went to the hospital for his back surgery, according to the police officials. He was consulting Dr. Preston Phillips and was later released on 24th May, according to Franklin what he said in the news conference. On 31st May 2022, Dr. Preston Phillips saw Louis asking for additional treatment. On 1st June 2022, on the day of the mass shooting, Louis called Dr. Preston Phillips’s office and complained of back pain saying that he wanted to have additional assistance. According to Tulsa City Council Member Jamye Fowler, Louis- the shooter could not initially find the doctor and this provoked his behavior at the time of the shooting.

During that time, a third part was on the video chat with the doctor and she called 911 saying the doctor told her to call 911 and inform them that there was an ongoing shooting in the building. Around 4:53 p.m. the 911 call said there was an ongoing shooting in the building and thereafter the police received various calls through the 911 number complaining of the shooting on the second floor. At 4:55 p.m. a person called and clarified the address and gave guidance to the police regarding the type of building and the information about the address.

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Michael Louis Biography

Real Name Michael Louis Baptiste
Birth Date 1970s
Age (as of 2022) 45 Years
Residence Muskogee, Oklahoma
Profession Help Desk Analyst

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 6” – in Centimeters – 167 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 68 kg  –  in Pounds –  149 lbs
Hair Color
Eye Color Black




The names of the victims have been released, out of which one was the receptionist of the hospital named Amanda Glenn, Dr. Stephanie Husen was the orthopedic doctor, William Love was the patient, and another victim who is also supposed to be a doctor. According to the witness, they were standing in a row and Louis gunned them down. According to a witness named Franklin, the suspected person began firing at those who were coming in his way.

During that time, the victim Love was holding the door so that others who wanted to escape the room could use another doorway and he was shot dead. Louis is supposed to purchase the gun legally on the same day of the shooting. According to the sources published on Twitter by the Tulsa Police, the police said that there has been a list of 5 dead people in the shooting on the St. Francis Hospital Campus.

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A minute later, the Tulsa police arrived at the five-story building where they found several offices and rooms in the row. The officers somehow made their way towards the second floor and reached the place where the suspect was standing. On the arrival the police yelled, “Tulsa Police” and on the other side, the suspected person shot himself with the gun in his hand at around 4:58 p.m. the Police said that the things unfolded just in a short period. Later, the police found one of the victims in the exam room, another deceased victim next to the shooting suspect, and one victim in an open area near the nurse’s station.

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  1. Unbelievable that a patient who is just 4 days post-op would shoot his surgeon because he is having post-op pain when pain is an expected norm for anyone who just had back surgery. That’s what post-op pain meds are for.
    So, either the shooter wasn’t given any pain meds (very doubtful), the pain pills weren’t helping or his expectations were skewed (possible), or, more likely, he had a significant mental health problem that distorted logical thinking (probable).
    If he had some crazy grudge against his surgeon and wanted to kill him, why kill three other innocent people in the process? And himself? As is true of most mass shooters, Psychosis (out of touch with reality) is the usual cause of their atrocious acts, and it seems to apply here too.


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