Katie Britt Biography

Katie Britt is an American attorney and politician for the Republican party who has recently stood up as the candidate for the Alabama Senate elections in 2022. She is well-known for her work in the field of corporate law and also holds important positions in the administration of business in Alabama.

Katie defeated Mo Brooks in the Alabama GOP Senate Primary and the media reported that this is the most-watched race in the District of Columbia. Just recently she won the Alabama Senate Seat and became the 1st ever Republican woman to get this throne by defeating Richard Shelby.

Katie Britt Early Life, Family & Education

Katie Britt was born on 2nd February 1982 in Enterprise, Alabama in a Catholic family and her ethnicity is white Caucasian. Jullian Boyd is her father while Debra Boyd is her mother and other than this, no information is available on whether she has any siblings or not.

We could not get much of her details due to security reasons but we sure are going to dig more. She completed her high school education at Enterprise High School in Alabama and graduated in the year 2000.

She later went on to pursue her college education at the University of Alabama and graduated with a 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Political science and Government in 2004. Her trill to learn and pursue law was at its peak and so she went on to attend the University of Alabama School of Law in 2010. She graduated with a doctorate in law in 2013.


Katie Britt started her career as a deputy press secretary after her bachelor’s degree graduation. She started working under Senator Richard Shelby in 2004 and soon she became the head of the department as a press secretary. Katie worked at the senate office for three years and left in 2007.

She later took a break and did not work for a few years to decide about her career. After she completed her law degree she got a job at Johnston Barton Proctor & Rose LLP in 2013 as a Junior Attorney. After working for a mere 5 months she knew what she had to do and she joined her as an Attorney at Butler Snow LLP.

She has been working at the firm for over 7 years and is still employed as a senior attorney. She is currently a member of the Business service group, Finance, and real estate groups at Butler Snow and has been practicing in the fields of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial lending, etc at Alabama District courts.

Britt recently stepped down from her post as the President of the Business Council of Alabama, she’s also a member of the Alabama Wildlife Federation Board of Directors and has worked hard to help small businesses and jobs grow in the state.

Katie now has bigger plans for her career as she recently won the 2022 senate elections for Alabama from the Republican party. She has become the third Republican candidate and is determined to overpower Richard Shelby by taking the seat. She has shown great will in putting the interest of Alabama forward and is working hard for the elections.

State of the Union Rebuttal

Katie Britt certainly became the talk of the country when she gave a rebuttal in response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Speech on 7th March 2024. In her response to President Biden’s State of the Union address for the Republican Party, Ms. Britt, a rising star at 42, delivered a speech marked by a fluctuating tone.

From strained cheerfulness to a fierce glare, she issued ominous warnings on illegal immigration. She said, 

Our commander in chief is not in command. The free world deserves better than a dithering and diminished leader. Under his administration, families are worse off—our communities are less safe, and our country is less secure. I just wish he understood what real families are facing around kitchen tables just like this one.

Social Media

Katie is known to have a Twitter account since 2011 where she currently has 2244 followers. She also has a campaign account where she currently has 1332 followers. She also has an Instagram account where she currently has 3760 followers and often posts pictures with her kids and family. she is not known to have a Facebook account but she has a well-updated LinkedIn profile with more than 500 connections.

Katie Britt Biography

Real Name Katie Elizabeth Britt nee (Boyd)
Birth Date February 2, 1982
Age (as of 2024) 42 Years
Birth Place Enterprise, Alabama, USA
Residence Montgomery
Nationality American
Profession Politician & Business Council of Alabama
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Aquarius

Physical Statistics

Katie Britt Senator
Height in feet inches – 5’ 4” – in Centimeters – 162 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 52 kg  –  in Pounds –  114 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Slim


Father Julian Boyd
Mother Debra Boyd


School Enterprise High School
College University of Alabama

Relationship Status

Katie Britt Alabama
Marital Status Married
Who is her Husband? Wesley Britt
Children Two (Bennett & Ridgeway)

Personal Life

Katie Britt is very happy for her husband Wesley, a former national Football player for New England Patriots. The couple has two children together, daughter Bennet and son Ridgeway. The couple is currently living in Montgomery. The family is known to regularly attend church and have great faith in Christianity. Her family also attends the First United Methodist Church.

Katie Britt Net Worth

Katie Britt has been working as an Attorney for several years and has also worked in the field of politics. As an attorney, she majorly generated income from her job and it is paying quite well; by value, her total savings and earnings can stand somewhere around $700,000. On the other hand, she has earned great trust and a reputation in her career.


  • Katie Britt recorded her video announcing her candidacy for elections from the family farm they own in Coffee County, Alabama
  • She became head of the department as a press secretary at the senate office of Richard Shelby at the young age of 23.
  • Katie has also served as a special assistant to the then-president of the University of Alabama Robert Witt.
  • She became Richard Shelby’s deputy campaign manager in 2015 and also became the chief of staff in 2016.
  • Britt recently signed herself out from the respected post, The President of the Business Council of Alabama.

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  1. Hello Katie,
    Please tell us what you will do to protect our school children from these people
    who are killing so many with guns. Are you a member of the NRA? Do you have
    a plan to present to our legislature if you should become our Senator? I am a
    grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren and I am concerned for their safety.
    My friends and I have discussed this upcoming run-off election and we definitely
    want someone who will fight for the safety of all citizens and not take money from
    these organizations that are a danger to us and our democracy. Now we will
    be making the decision between you and Mo Brooks. We are so tired of these
    spineless legislators who have no backbone and who can’t make decisions on their
    own. Please, please show us you can stand up by yourself if need be and not
    follow such candidates who are spineless. I am hoping to vote for a candidate who
    can think for herself and not feel tied to Donald Trump. It would be wonderful
    to have a strong woman fighting for us and our families.
    We have lost far too many children to guys with assault weapons. Yes, you can do something
    about it! Think of your children, please! (And all children!)
    Make the necessary changes to gun laws. It is worthwhile if you can save
    just one child!

    • Changing mental health treatment will save MANY children, maybe changing gun laws will not even save one. (Deliberately illing innocent children is ALSO against the law.)

      Britt is our best chance; now that Mo Brooks has dissed DJT supporters he will not win in November. Britt might. Remember: Trump is not on the ballot in 2022, and will likely “decide” (after November) not to be on ANY ballot after 2020. I think he, like Biden is “too old” ( I am “too old” at 75 years.) Britt is young, smart, married with family (of course she cared about school safety and curricula), well educated. and in Alabama, is female, is a “fighter” (which we need) as much as Durant once was.

      • Minor changes to gun laws might be acceptable, but statistics show that “no guns” only means that criminals get them. Check the statistics in the states with the toughest gun laws, and countries with them as well. Mass shooters are something that has become a phenomenon in recent years, and changing the way we monitor mental health in our schools, and in our communities is the only way to curtail it. I think its kind of funny that in communities where EVERYONE is armed, there is NO CRIME.

        Stress factors also are affecting people like never before. Social media places a lot of stresses on our young people that didn’t exist before things like FACEBOOK came along. Online bullies, for example, create new reasons for a youngster to want to lash out. I don’t really have a solution for it, but I’m sure there is a way to address these things. I just know that is a school near me, or a church, or any business, I WILL RESPOND WITH ARMED AID. I am not armed for hunting, I am armed to protect myself against the new threats to our community.

  2. Lawmakers

    Law Makers will not solve the problem of mass shootings in our Society! We already have enough laws prohibiting such carnage. The problem has to be solved by the family unit. Teach youngsters to mind parents instruction, put discipline back in the family, enforce existing laws, instill respect for authority back into our society, and do it yourselves as a family unit, do not rely on Government or schools to train your children. That is the role of PARENTS, not of schools or government.

  3. I typed my comment and saw it on the screen, but I guess it was a negative post so it must have been deleted.
    My questions were as follows: Why are you using American Dream Federal Action group out of Manchester, NH for your flyers? I received on in the mail yesterday along with a large advertisement against Mo Brooks by the Rino Group. If you are getting money from out of state, you will be beholding to these groups if in the Senate.

    Why did you work for Rep. Sewell’s campaign to elect a Democrat when you are suppose to be a Republican.

    You have never held public office in the state. So who do you think you can jump up to a Senator with no public service background.

    I have never seen you have your husband recognized or identified. This web site stated you are married with two children. I did not know if he was a husband, boyfriend, or bodyguard before this.

  4. I would like to second Mary Hodgens comment above, she has made all the points I am concerned about with Mrs Britt. Legislation is needed to get these armed assaults stopped. Canada has done it, and so has Britain.

    • A knife assault is an armed assault. Canada, Britain. and yes, the USA, have NOT stopped armed assaults, not with knives, guns,or lethally trained fists and feet.

    • You’re right, Penny.

      We (the USA) passed laws making murder illegal… but it hasn’t stopped criminals from murdering people.

      We (the USA) passed laws making it illegal to bring a gun onto school property… but it hasn’t stopped criminals from bringing guns into schools.

      We (the USA) passed laws making it illegal to shoot people… but it hasn’t stopped criminals from shooting people.

      We (the USA) passed laws making it illegal for felons to possess firearms and ammunition… but it hasn’t stopped felons from possessing firearms and ammunition.

      The list could go on with dozens (if not hundreds) of more examples of laws the US has passed – and that criminals don’t care to obey.

      But please, continue to advise Mrs. Katie Britt on other laws that she should push for, we can keep our fingers crossed that maybe a law will pass that criminals and the mentally ill psychopaths and sociopaths will choose to obey.

  5. First of all, you are an American! Always do what God lesds you to do. Youu cannot please people but you can serve God through your everyday life and what people see you do. I am proud to support you. We need new, young leadership. Thank you for your sacrifices that you will make. Priorities MUST always be, God, Family, Country then other things. I am an independent Republican. Everything about this party isn’t right but the Democratic party has lost it’s way and has been taken over by socialists and I cannot recognize what it stood for 20-50 years ago. It doesn’t seek to serve Americans at all. I pray for your guidance from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  6. I am. Hoping to see congress and the senate filled with republicans that truly are all about America first (yes MAGA) I like America. I also would love to have someone who cares a great deal about the oath they take and our constitution and the laws of the land like the fact we are a republic that our forefathers in wisdom and with God’s guidance risked everything to give us our American republic and freedoms today. Our elected officials our to work for the people protect our borders by all means build the wall!!!. Protect our freedoms uphold our rights do what we the people need you to. Fight hard against our enemies foreign and domestic too. That’s just some of what I want to see in congress and the senate republicans.thank you Linda Archibald.

  7. Ms Brett I said from the beginning I was hoping you would run for Senator Shelby seat. Since you worked in his office and know how it works. You have so much experience. We are hurting with the other senator. I hope you are your own person not a Trump want a be . I’m a veteran I took the oat to protect the constitution. My wife was a school teacher she could tell when she had a problem with mental problems but ever time she reported it it just got swept under the rug. I think our children should be number one in our state. It doesn’t matter if they are children of republicans or democrats there all our children. It brakes my Wife’s heart to read about one of her kids breathing a crime an got arrested. Please be person for all Alabamians . We don’t need any more fighting. God bless you and your family.

  8. Anybody that is backed by Mitch McConnell is an alarming to me. Your a lawyer never held office. So if your beholden to Mitch I pray you will never get elected. You will just be a yes vote for him plus a Lawyer is one of the lowest things on earth!

  9. Mrs. Britt has no voting record. Moe Brooks has a voting record that anyone can inspect. Personally, I’ll take proven performance over a smile and a promise.

    • She is strictly a yes candidate! She is not from Montgomery she lives in Pike Road , Al . That’s the new white flight area for the social elite people live, to run away from Montgomery’s problems! She is strictly special interest back and has no experience as an elected official! She is your typical privileged white women, who only follows the money. She is above the average Alabamian! She might win with all that big talk, but never again, because she is strictly a special interest candidate with no elected experience! Maybe she should start out on the state level and prove herself! And she is honored to be endorsed by Trump. His agenda is great, but she proud to be endorsed by a president that did wrong and let his ego get the best of him! She is also egotistical! No experience anywhere as an elected official! Sorry, I can’t vote for a faker !

  10. AMEN
    We have lost our spiritual & moral compass in America. Entitled men & women demanding rights to the neglect & sacrifice of others, while refusing to take personal responsibility.
    SIN is the issue. We all need correction, discipline, structure, boundaries & SWIFT CONSEQUESNCES for disobedience & disrespect.
    JESUS CHRIST is our only solution.
    It is crucial for us as moms, dads, grandparents, etc., to set an example for future generations. Our choices determine what happens with our children. Choose wisdom.


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