Jane Marczewski (Nightbirde) Biography

A singer and a songwriter, Jane Marczewski (Nightbirde) possesses a notable talent and soothing voice. She came into lime-lights after giving an amazing performance on ‘America’s Got Talent season 16. Her singing attracts viewers while her smile and positive thoughts make her even more attractive. She is loaded with talent and is going to be a popular star in the future.

At the age of 31 years, she finally left this world on 20th February 2022. After a long battle with cancer, Jane died but she inspired so many people. She became a worldwide sensation in the previous year as she stunned the whole world with her soothing and amazing voice in the AGT.

Early Life

Jane Marczewski was born on 31st December 1990 in Zanesville, Ohio, USA. Jane is her actual name but she is popularly known as Nightbirde. Talking about her family then her father’s name is Mitchell C. while her mother is Sharon Marczewski. She spent her childhood with six other siblings Jason, John Jr, Andrew, Micheal, Mitch Jr., and Katelyn Marczewski. There is no information available regarding where she gained high school education but she graduated from Liberty University in 2013. We will keep digging into her past and see if we can get any updates then we will post here so stay in touch with us.

Jane Marczewski – Nightbirde Career & AGT

Jane’s life wasn’t easy as she had gone through so much as her life was kind of messy. She was passionate and talented since childhood and used to write songs and maintain a journal. Everything was quite smooth for her but it was September 2017 when her life was ruined. Jane was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She had to go through chemotherapy due to which she had to shave her head completely. Almost after 10 months of treatment, she won the battle against cancer but again she suffered from the same disease. In her 2020 blog post, she stated that innumerable tumors were found throughout her lungs, liver, lymph, nodes, ribs, and spine. She just had six months to live as the survival chances were just 2%. In July 2020, the happy news was spread all over Twitter that she was cancer-free.

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Months after she survived cancer, she revealed on her ‘GoFundMe’ page that she is suffering a catatonic mental breakdown, where she barely spoke, ate, or moved from the bed for several months. It was discovered that the events have caused a physical Trauma and her brain’s ability to process stress and emotions was functioning at 8%. After ‘Brain Wave Therapy’ she made a fast recovery. She then went for an audition at ‘America’s Got Talent and made the judges all emotional while performing her original song ‘It’s Ok’. She won a Golden Buzzer of the season after a magical performance during the 2nd round of the auditions.

Nightbirde Exit from the AGT

It’s heartbreaking news for all of us because Jane announced her exit from the AGT because of deteriorating health. We all are waiting for live performances from all Golden Buzzer winners but surely, we are hoping to see her better and performing on the show. However, this won’t happen as she made an emotional post on Instagram and wrote, ”

Sharing my heart with the world on AGT has been an honor and a dream come true. My point of view this summer has been astounding. What a miracle that the pain I’ve walked through can be reworked into beauty that makes people all over the world open their eyes wider. Since my audition, my health has taken a turn for the worse and the fight with cancer is demanding all of my energy and attention. I am so sad to announce that I won’t be able to continue forward on this season of AGT. Life doesn’t always give breaks to those that deserve it—but we knew that already. Thank you for all your support, it means the world to me. Stay with me, I’ll be better soon. I’m planning my future, not my legacy. Pretty beat up, but I’ve still got dreams.

Jane Marczewski Biography

Real Name Jane Marczewski
Birth Date December 31, 1990
Aged 31 Years
Birth Place Zanesville, Ohio, USA.
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Capricorn

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 9” – in Centimeters – 175 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 46 kg  –  in Pounds –  101 lbs
Shoe Size 10 (US)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Body Type Slim


Father Mitchell Marczewski
Mother Sharon Marczewski
Sister One (Katelyn Marczewski)
Brother Five (Jason, John Jr, Andrew, Micheal, Mitch Jr.)


College Liberty University

Relationship Status

Marital Status Divorced
Affair No
Is she a Lesbian? No
Boyfriend? Jeremy Claudio (m. 2015-2020)
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Personal Life

After taking a break from her career, Jane went back to her native for a mini vacation. During this time, she fell in love with Jeremy Claudio, a fellow musician and after a few months of romantic dating life, they got married in 2015. The couple tied the knot in a small-town wedding at Sparta Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Newark, Ohio. However, her life completely changed after being suffering from stage 3 cancer and almost lost her life. Her husband Jeremy said things didn’t work out well and want to call it to quit so in 2020 they separated their ways.

As per sources, it is known that she was 15 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby. Jane shared an Instagram post containing four parts about her struggles with cancer and how a healing treatment helped her to get over with collapsed marriage life. She wrote in one of her blogs,

“I have had cancer three times now, and I have barely passed thirty. There are times when I wonder what I must have done to deserve such a story. I fear sometimes that when I die and meet with God that He will say I disappointed him, or offended him, or failed Him.”

Death Houx:

There are rumors being spread about the death of Jane but it’s not correct because some sites claiming that she died on 9th June 2021. Although upon research we get to know that she is alive and kicking because she just a day ago posted a pic in which she thanked all for heart whelming and outpouring support to her. Also, we couldn’t find any authentic news source that has reliable information about this hoax so please don’t trust this and we pray for her healthy life and quick recovery.

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Jane Marczewski Net Worth

Nightbirde has been through a lot in her life. She is been keeping up through all the odds and spending the rest of the time doing what she loves. Unfortunately, her net worth and annual salary is not mentioned anywhere. She possesses potential and it is the highest worth that she carries. She believes in measuring the worth through the quality of life she lived and not the money she made.


  • Jane Marczewski mentioned on AGT’s platform that her passion isn’t singing and added that she is an author.
  • She owns a self-titles website www.nightbirde.com, where she uploads all her songs and videos.
  • On April 6th, 2019, she opened for Grammy Winner Tori Kelly at Liberty’s Vines Center.
  • Her songs I think I’ll Go, River, Hopelessly, Wishing Well, 202007, and many more are the most liked and heard by her fans.
  • She has chronicled her personal life in several blogs as she owns her own blogging channel.
  • In 2021, she released a live version of her single ‘It’s Ok’, which is available on Spotify.
  • Her song ‘It’s Ok’ is based on the story of her life and last year where she suffered a near-death experience.

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      • … El amor que es tan notable en ti nightbirde, tiene la frecuencia que enamora al alma, y me cituas frente a ti, quien acoje la energía de mi ser…. te conocí y agradezco a la vida y a Papá cel cielo y dueño de todo, haber sentido lo que recibo de ti…. Gracias bello ser… ” nightbirde “

    • Jane, Tkank You! You inspire me and your story help me realize because me as well, I struggle my life so it lifted up my spirit !!! GOD is good !!!

    • I’ve listened yours song twice and tear twice also…hope u believe Jesus loves u and lives in Heaven now. Father God so Grace with you forever.Amennnnnn

  1. I’m a grown man… but even I was brought to tears by your amazzzzzzing talent
    and seemingly-upbeat attitude. I pray to God for your 100% recovery!

  2. She was another one of God’s personal Angel’s relaying one of his messages , “It’s Alright” ! Everyone should see and listen to this special Angel and her voice and her words ! It made this grown man cry !Thank you Nightbirde ! You are where you deserve to be ! Thank you God for that small but HUGE piece of an Angel you made ! Thank you for letting me experience her ! Another lesson learned ! I will never forget you , Nightbirde !

    • You did a wonderful job in your audition, you haven’t failed God! Keep him close to your heart. I think we all wish you a full and speedy recovery, and hopefully this will be the last time you have to go through this. My daughter had cancer. She had to go to chemo as well, now she’s been cancer free for seven years. Hopefully you’ll be able to say the same thing shortly.

    • Nightbirde you are wonderful and you have made me look at my cancer history and Parkinson’s disease in a much more positive wat Thankyou sweet angel . I hope truly hope you have many happier years ahead. Bless you Catt.

      • Nightbird u are nd wonderful lady that song is ok is making me cry when i heard your story you going thought to today. how are u doing now or get any better you sing beautiful voice i would like to share my story with u i don’t know how to do it

    • Dave, thank you for your note. I went to the computer immediately and shared Nightbirde’s rendition of It’s OK, from AGT with my prayer group. We all have attended Cursillo/Emmaus and Christian weekend that immerses one in God’s grace. All I could think of….was, she just immersed me in God’s grace and I have to share this. 2% is not zero. Simply stated, but so true. I’m OK, but right now I have cancer in my liver, lungs and spine…but it’s OK. She is OK and she ‘preached’ it well to all of us to remember, ‘we all are a little lost sometimes…and it’s OK’!
      Amazing, beautifully amazing woman who knows herself well!

    • I totally agree! She is an Angel sent to us to see ourselves of where were at in our lives ❤
      I love her. Sweet Nightbird🌹

  3. Thank you so much for being God’s life story of hope and inspiration in the midst of trouble. My sister is recovering from breast cancer and I had to send her this video of AGT audition. Your audition has us all in tears! I had to stop and just praise God and thank Him for your example of seeing the beauty in life’s storms. My sister wrote your words down as you was on stage that day and will always be her inspiration! Thank you and stay strong and courageous!!! God Bless Nightbird:)

  4. Just watched your video on AGT. You’re beautiful inside and and Your voice is incredible! God Bless You and I Wish You All The Best! BELIEVE!

  5. You are a inspiration to everyone that hears you. God bless you for sharing your story and talents with us.

  6. Good Luck Jane, I myself was born and raised in Zanesville Ohio. Not much in Zanesville except for the “Y “ bridge ,Conn’s potatoe chips, Tom’s Ice cream bowl,Adornetti’s pizza and some pottery factories that have closed.
    I grew up close to the vocational school so the east end of Zanesville
    Praying that you go all the way. You have exceptional talent, and your beauty inside and out shines through
    God Bless
    Keep that positive attitude
    Muskingum county loves you.

  7. You are one exceptional human being. I want to be a friend of somebody who loves life no matter what. You are so inspiring.

  8. WOW!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! You touched my heart in a very inspirational and powerful way. My prayers and blessings are with you! Your beautiful song and voice have capture the hearts of so many! Big hugs!

  9. You are amazing. I love your outlook on life. You are an incredible woman with an infectious smile. Stay strong and Happy.

  10. Jane, you are a beautiful soul ! You sing with a soft voice , and your smile is angelic! May you feel The Love of God!! He is with you! Thank you for your beautiful blessings!

  11. I saw you on AGT, I watched your performance and interview several times. I was deeply touched by your story. You are truly a gifted artist, your voice was beautiful as your appearance and spirit. I listened to your positivity on so much negativity in your life – you’re a beam of light – you shine so bright! May God’s spirit hold in divine health and happiness.

  12. She sounds totally amazing. I wish her a the joy and happiness that her heart will hold. Such an inspiration.

  13. Jane, u r an inspiration, not feeling sorry 4 urself. Doing what u love best, serving ur purpose & giving 2 others is enlightening. May God Bless You, miracles do happen! U r n my prayers 🙏

  14. You are amazing my darling sweet girl. You are such an inspiration 🙂
    Thank you.
    May God bless you with health and happiness 🙏🏽🌈🌈🌈

  15. I myself has breast cancer and your story made me stronger and change the way i look at myself. You give me courage to face life with positivity. Praying for you. Thank you for sharing your life to us.

    • I my self has a stroke epeloxy while my left brain damage by paralyze the half way
      down I’m ok people making fun of me by i walking not straight since they do that i hide my hand inside my coat until now i doing ok they can’t operate if operate i will died. i am the same boat like u jane. I wish u here with me so we ca talk u a mazing voice i would like to ask u could i have your C.D i want to sent u my story i wrote how i do that do you have your face book

  16. I heard about your appearance on AGT. I looked it up and watched it 3 times. Each time you brought tears to my eyes. Your amazingly strong after all you have endured in your life lady. Thank you for being so inspirational and may God Bless you and keep you healthy and safe. Keep doing what your doing and don’t give up on your dream! Keep smiling lady!!!!

  17. Nightbirde,
    What an inspiration you are to so very many today. I absolutely LOVE how you have made your heart to be God’s home and your body HIS temple, how frail it may seem to the world but how mighty it really is!!! Many blessings to you sweet lady. I will be praying for you and keeping up with you!

  18. You inspire me and so many people! I don’t have cancer but I have MS (multiple sclerosis) and your song on AGT hit home with your positivity! It’s OK, Jane! Thank YOU for reminding me, it’s ok! ❤️

  19. You have the most beautiful voice and heart! You are just adorable! I had to really think about the words you said to Simon. Wow.. powerful! Was beyond excited for you!!! My prayers are with you to be completely and totally healed from head to toe with the precious blood of Jesus! HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!❤️ Sending Hugs & Much 💕💞💕 your way!!!

  20. I love the slight pause when she ended her song. It was like the audience was absorbing that beautiful spirit of Nightbird and what they just heard.

  21. Jane,
    You are right! 2% is not 0! Be happy today😊 Thank you for openly sharing your feelings & struggles. That takes courage. Having faith gives you an advantage!! You know there is a purpose to life, even when you don’t understand it, that our Loving Father wants only the best for us, even though we don’t like the process, & best of all living & dying is win-win. I’m glad I ‘met’ you💕 You have one more praying for you🌸

  22. Your music …. your story is all i need at this point of my life . Thank you for joining AGT i was able to hear your story and your music which gave me a lot of strenght to keep going. Godbless you dear Jane

  23. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this. Every time it reaches deep in my soul. The energy felt is beyond what words can express. Be blessed.

  24. Jane you are a child of GOD. You are a beautiful soul. You give me inspiration to remember the value and beauty of life in the face of my own medical issues. GOD bless you sweetheart and I will never forget you.

  25. Jane,
    Listen! Or well, read, lol. No! First of all, you did not in any way deserve any of this, but God did NOT give this to you, He brought you out of it! Nothing is easy as you know, but you did go through the worst. I, myself am so glad God led you out! Going through trauma and breakdowns and a mess is justified with the circumstances you endured! I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and so is God! Never feel He has abandoned you. Do you know how many people in the Bible were messed up for lesser reasons than you have and He still made them king, gave them a child to carry on the name, and even gave them grace when undeserved. Just the fact you faced it all with determination and never quit gives others a chance, hope, courage, a positive outlook whereas they wouldn’t have. You are an example of “exemplary”. As a Martyr, you, my dear, are ONE OF A KIND! Pls stay focused on your positivity and love i know you have in your heart! ❤

  26. Jane/Nightbirde (I love the professional name!)

    You mentioned that you were concerned that God must be disappointed in you or that he may tell you that. I’m here to tell you that he is definitely NOT disappointed in you! Our Heavenly Father has given you a great gift and has made it available to the world.

    When the time does come to meet him (and it will for all of us) I truly believe you will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

    While I was listening to the AGT video I was struck by your spirit and that of the Holy Spirit.

    Many have mentioned “authenticity” and that is definitely true…but that is an understatement.

    God Bless you as you move through your life…know that there are those who are praying for you and who admire you.

  27. Jane I watched your video on American idol, and I cried thru the video, you are such a fighter, an inspiration to millions I’m from Cleveland ohio,and I’m so proud of you for being who
    you are, I lost my beautiful wife of 40 years,Maria never gave up, she fought for seven years never once complained ,enjoy every minute I wish you well

  28. I cried when I heard you sing your song. I just had reconstruction surgery Wed morning when I heard you Wednesday night. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor myself. That song really spoke to me and as you spoke I grabbed a pen and paper to write your inspirational words. Thank you for your positivity

  29. The Lord Bless you and keep you , The Lord make His Face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. You are loved by so many !!! Be completely healed in Jesus Name. Amen

  30. Dear Jane
    Beyond your WoW singing, I was attracted by your great persona, so I would like to ask a question and I do believe that your comment also helps me. I really appreciate it if you let me know your Email.

  31. What strength to pass on to others. By your beauty and acceptance of your life you are truly an inspiration to others, not only cancer sufferers but others as well.

    I loved your AGT rendition of your song and it has gone pretty viral throughout the sporting clubs in Namibia.

    God bless you.

  32. What an amazing testament you are! Beautiful, calming voice with so much power🥰! Praying for you as the Lord continues to use you on this journey and just know one day Je will say, well done good and faithful servant! Much ❤️ And blessings from TX!

  33. Your are my inspiration and thank you. You are an angel without wings. Your voice is the best voice I have ever heard, so beautiful and so angelic.

    I said a prayer for you and told God that he needs to cure you, as you need to be here so that we can continue to hear your songs and to continue to inspire us. You are an amazing young lady. You changed my whole outlook on life and I thank you for that.

    God Bless you Jane from Boston

  34. This world needs individuals like yourself therefore you will be in my prayers every night for you to stick around to live your dreams . You earned it.

  35. Your pain is real, you are real. What a beautiful soul you are. Your eyes tell a million stories that no one could truly understand. Your pain and suffering has been unreal, yet you choose to battle on. Your courage is unbelievable sweet soul. You’re an inspiration! If I could trade places with you I would do so in a heartbeat. Life is not fair. Keep singing, it’s your beautiful gift and legacy to the world. My heart aches for you. Sending you a tidal wave of love

  36. Jane
    I just watched you on AGT and I am literally awe struck by you
    You are such an inspiration with your positive strength
    You are clearly beautiful inside and out and I pray the lord blesses your in every way

  37. I am 61 years old from Nigeria, your view on God and life is inspiring. I am not sure I would have had a smile like yours in your circumstance. God bless and keep you and may His face shine upon you now and forever 💕💕

  38. I’m 66 years old from New Zealand.I just watched you perform in front of Simon and the team singing It’s Ok.I can honestly say wow you more them deserved that Gold Buzzer.Your beautiful inside and out.Good luck on your journey.Plus a big thank you for singing.

  39. You’ve done nothing wrong Jane to have been awarded multiple cancers. These are your keys to your best life and truest self. Keep embracing the journey, dear one, and thank you for letting us in on it. You are beyond inspirational. Love, MC xo

  40. Hi Jane,
    You are such an inspiration. I shed so much tears while listening to your song. I love your spirit! You will live to full age. The Lord will Himself heal you in a mysterious ways. God bless you.

  41. I am following your story closely. I too was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and went through a divorce soon after I concluded my treatments. It’s been hard but I’ve found my happiness again. Watching you succeed with a smile on your face gives me hope. Thank you!

  42. Got a lump in my throat when I viewed the clip.14/06/21 Cape Town, South Africa
    Wishing Jane a speedy recovery.

  43. Jane I hope you read these comments. I hope you are getting the best treatments. I just learned about liquid radiation for later stage cancers. I hope that is an option for you as I want to hear your voice and inspiring songs for the rest of my life!!

  44. Wow your song is amazing I live just an hour away from Zanesville! Maybe someday I can meet you just to even shake your hand I would love that!! You have been an inspiration to me!!
    God has definitely made you a special person! And he is using your story to touch so many lives! Cause you definitely have touched my life

  45. I just saw you on AGT and was blown away you are an angle that we learn from.
    You open our hearts and allow us to see a new way to look at our lives.
    Bless your heart and I wish you all the love, to help you do what you have to do to to live your life <3

  46. Jane,I wish I could meet you in person but it’s so unfortunate that we’re of different worlds.Your story and your song have taught me the beauty of life.Just know you’re an inspiration.Thank you

  47. OMG reading this and DEATH hoax: I thought we had lost another beautiful Angel among us: Jane you are an inspiration to the world, to Cancer patients, to others in depression everyone: THANK YOU for being that shining BEACON of light for the World.
    May God continue to bless you, and heal you so that your positive, survivor attitude may spread across the world: To those fighting Cancer, and other illiness and simple those who might have a bad day:
    You said two very inspiring statements and I quote you:
    “I’m so much more than all the bad things that happened to me,”
    ‘You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.’
    Woza…I will continue to keep you in my prayers for becoming hole and healed again cancer free: Live on Ms Nightbirde…live on….

  48. Peace be upon America and its children, because this brave woman, full of resistance, brought me to a new perspective on life with a message of indescribable thought.

  49. O my goodness, what a beautiful beautiful person all round – u are truly so beautiful + reach right into people’s hearts – bless u, special soul u

  50. you are a gift Jane,,, and can I say to you – God’s grace is greater than anything you have said or done, HIS love for you does not depend on what you have done but WHO you are. blessings !!!

  51. Jane, I’m sending you tons of love from Poland. I’ve been going through tough times myself (health issues coupled with marital problems) and people like you remind me that there is ALWAYS hope while there’s life. Be blessed even more!

  52. You are awesome and you have not disappointed God,I am so sorry for what you are going thru but you are in my prayers and wow what a beautiful voice
    Be blessed

  53. I don’t know why anyone would want to divorce or breakup with someone as beautiful as you and I’m not just talking outer beauty.
    My heart goes out to you praying and thanking God for using you to be a great testimony and encouragement to so many of all Gods children.

  54. Lovely face, lovely smile , lovely voice and beautiful outlook on life! There will be a large space in your life after the hard part of it. God Bless you.

  55. Nightbirde , I saw you perform and you immediately stole my heart. I was hart wrenched that no one was there to support you on that joyous accasion.
    I’m not sure if you have a great support group but I would like to be it if not. I want to care for you,you can live with me if that would make life easier for you. I have an older daughter,I call her my forever daughter. I lost my husband a few yrs ago. So it’s just us too. I have a been fingerprinted and background checked because I worked with children.No parties,cursing or drama. I would love to help with services you may need in the future. Please reach out. You were fearfully and wonderfully made.

  56. You are in every way a true woman of essence. Your words were heard not just by our ears, it pierced through our soul. Your story lifted me just in the nick of time. While you are fighting for your life, you have lifted others to fight their battles as well. We will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. I would truly appreciate if you could help me get in touch with you personally. God bless you. Lots of love from Philippines

  57. Jane . Wow an Inspiration only discovered you today . You made me cry ,smile and appreciate . God Bless Night Bird x ok. (:

  58. Jane I am from Wheeling WV. You are such and inspiration! Trust me you are not a disappointment to God! He is using you to let people know that he is in charge and you are under his care!

  59. Jane, I am praying for you. I love you very much, I wish I could meet you. I live in Brooklyn. I’ll think of you and pray for you always. call or get in touch with me anytime. [email protected] 🙂 Carmela Bulla

  60. Jane;
    I am so sorry you dropped out of AGT. Fully understand and really hope and pray your fight continues to move forward. My significant other went through a terrible stage 4 battle of head & neck cancer. I truly understand the toll physically and mentally you battle. Your AGT appearance was an inspiration for many. God bless you and we are thinking and praying for you daily. You are a very talented young lady. A fellow Ohioan

  61. Jane, you are a blessing and an inspiration to all. You have not lost that beautiful, touching smile of yours. But Jane, you’ve mentioned “God that He will say I disappointed him, or offended him, or failed Him”. Jane, God is not disappointed in you, He loves you! God does not punish, He blesses. The devil is the one who sends diseases and every bad thing. He knows we will blame God and that’s where he gets his kicks! I have had cancer twice. The first time, prior to going on vacation to the U.K., I had a feeling (?) that I should get in contact with everyone I had hurt in my life. I have never hurt anyone on purpose, but I did hurt some unknowingly. I tried to figure out how to go about getting in touch with these people but some had married and some I did not know where they were. But God knew my heart and knew that if I had been able to contact these people, I would have contacted them and asked forgiveness. Upon returning from vacation I was notified I had breast cancer and needed a masectomy. I had the masectomy, chemotherapy and came out of it. Almost 5 years to the date, I was told I had cancer again, thymoma which is a rare form of cancer. My doctor, whom I dearly love as a brother, had tears in his eyes as he came to me to tell me it was not good news. He is a born again Christian, as I am, and I told him it was going to be O.K. I had been given a “word of wisdom” (John 11:4) and that I would not die. I was sent to M.D. Anderson, had the surgery, and praise God, I am well. No trace of the thymoma anywhere. I have been seeing and listening to Joseph Prince from New Creation Church out in Singapore. He teaches on GRACE. Not the law passed down through Moses, but the GRACE that Jesus came into this world to give us from His Father. Please look him up on the internet. I know you will be blessed by his teachings on GRACE which came to us through JESUS. I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS. YOUR SISTER IN CHRIST. EMMA CHAVEZ

  62. Hello, you sweet inspiration. God bless you young lady for teaching an old man (84) a new truth. Your statement that, “You don’t have to wait until life doesn’t hurt any more to decide to be happy) should be carved into the hearts and minds of every human being on earth. It would make the sun a little brighter, the sky a little bluer and the breeze a little sweeter. It could change the course of humanity and end anger and hate in our hearts, regardless of our differences, no matter what they may be. I believe that is what heaven is going to be like. My wife and I have played that segment from AGT many times and we keep it on our DVR to play any time. My precious wife is having serious memory problems and we remember each day that “It’s Okay” because God is taking care of us in spite of anything that life throws at us.
    God bless you, dear lady. We send our love and prayers.
    Bill and Almie Sparling

  63. I would love to hear about when you, Nightbirde, were born again into the Kingdom of God, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Your salvation testimony would be so helpful to many who are still lost, and “dead in trespasses as sins”; as the Bible says is the state we are all born into because of the fall in the garden of Eden.

  64. I don’ think there’s a single human being on the face of this earth, that can measure up to your beauty, love for others, and your enormous strength and will to survive. After seeing you on AGT, and how you attacked the hardships of cancer, and presented that to all of us….well there are no words to explain how you are able to do this and what a powerful and loving women you are. You have, and will continue, to win life’s battles! What an inspiration you are to all man kind. God Bless You.

  65. Jane has the most beautiful smile and voice who’s ever been on AGT. What a positive spirit and inspiration, hoping for the best for her. Mary in Las Vegas, NV

  66. Life is too short to be live in worry of problems.
    When i see someone like Jane fighting for the right to be alive until the last breath among all pain and suffering………….
    That is a inspiration for all of us to be kind, ta ha tolerance, to be better in life .


  68. I know that you are gone and singing to God. I just heard of you for the first time in July on AGT. Not sure what came over me that night, I really felt something that still can’t explain, I have balter cancer, but something about your being, really left me in a way that I can’t explain. No more pain for you. RIP


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