Harriet Hageman Biography

Harriet Hageman suddenly rose to fame after she received 56% support against Liz Cheney in Wyoming GOP. She is the best-known politician who belongs to Republican Political Party. A few years back, she announced that she would fight for the position of Wyomingites in Congress. Previously, she was involved in the Republican Party, the seat which she lost for the governor of Wyoming in 2018. But, this time she wanted to state back all her overcoming with the big government this time. The politician, who ran the race for governor of Wyoming, doesn’t possess any Wikipedia yet.

Early Life

A native of Fort Laramie, she grew up on a tiny ranch outside her village where she was born and raised. Harriet was born on 5th October 1962, went to Casper College while getting a Livestock Judging Scholarship, and finished her education from 1981 to 1983. Harriet majored in B.S degree in the subject of Business Administration in 1986. She attained her degree from the University of Wyoming. In 1989, she finished her graduation from the University Of Wyoming College Of Law.

Harriet Hageman Career

Harriet started her journey with the position of clerk for honorable James E. Barrett. James E. Barrett is a judge in the United States court who works for the tenth judicial circuit. Harriet is currently working as a licensed person in the practice of law. Harriet has worked on many water and natural resources matters including defense of Wyoming’s “open range” law, protection of grazing rights on BLM and private lands, Nebraska v. Wyoming; the “roadless litigation”, challenges to the Fish & Wildlife Service’s management and recovery of the Canadian gray wolf and other species and many more. She represents herself as a member of several irrigation districts around the state while proposing such matters based on irrigation and the impact of land use and its changes.

Harriet’s practice is primarily based on addressing the relationship between groundwater and surface water, including the analysis and implementation of groundwater in Nebraska. She was one of the attorneys of the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act. She also works with local Natural Resource Districts to deal with the impact of land use, the species act, and the Republican River Compact. Harriet has also worked on being the advisory board of Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute. She was once honored by Casper College as the distinguished alumni for 2011. She was also inducted into the Wyoming Agriculture Hall of the Fame in 2011.

Harriet Hageman Biography

Real Name Harriet Hageman
Birth Date October 5, 1962
Age (as of 2021) 59 Years
Birth Place Fort Laramie, Wyoming, United States
Nationality American
Profession Attorney & Politician
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Libra

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5’ 7” – in Centimeters – 170 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 80 kg  –  in Pounds –  176 lbs
Shoe Size 7 (U.S.)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Average




College Wyoming College of Law

Relationship Status

Marital Status Married
Who is her husband? John Hageman

Personal Life

Harriet Hageman is happily married to her husband named John. They both have attained Orr Alignment’s silver jubilee in May 2018. However, we are unable to retrieve the number of children they have at the moment. Harriet has kept her life private from the public’s eye. She rather likes to focus on her career life for which she also gets supported from the side of her family. She is an extremely happily married woman who often bears up the support of her family members for doing the daily work of her political life.

Harriet Hageman Net Worth

Harriet Hageman, a Conservative Party member, and in addition, Donald Trump is expected to back Harriet Hageman in her bid to unseat Republican Rep. Liz Cheney in a Wyoming primary. Whatever she earns comes from her assets, political career, and other commercials. She is known to have a net worth somewhere between $5 million and $10 million.


  • Harriet is also actively involved in monitoring the impact of federal and state regulations based on land and water use.
  • In 2004, she continued with her efforts to drag the information of the general public regarding the regulatory environment.
  • She worked to increase public participation at both state and federal regulatory levels and also formed Wyoming Resource Alliance.
  • She hopes to expand the WRA concept while working on regional and national resources.

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  1. i wouldn’t vote for this woman as a simple dog catcher and anyone that does is just voting for another cult member for woman grabbing and criminal trump. stay away from this loser.

    • What a character you might relate to (Mickey Mouse)! Ms. Haglin is the right person to represent the state of Wyoming. Mickey Mouse, like it or not, is a force to be reconded with.

      • No Chaney chose to follow the misdirection of the Dem-Socialist Party! It would help if you faced facts. Chaney has no reason to champion Wyoming’s rights and issues, and she is from Virginia, and that can not be changed.

    • I agree! She lost my vote as soon as Trumper recommended her. Cheney is loyal to the constitution , the USA, and Wyoming. She is honest, therefore not a Trump cult pick!

    • You prove that you are a fictional character “MICKEY MOUSE” THANK YOU. i AM GLAD THAT YOU CAN’T VOTE. Your life is a cartoon.

    • Good thing you are not in WY. We use mouse traps all the time! We giggle at how mouse eyes bug out when that get snapped in the trap! We have one for you! It’s baited with Nancy P’s P00!

  2. Trump has gone so far off the bandwagon and his crazy ideas of representing good of America is so farfetched. His ego has gotten in the way for great governance of this nation. Unfortunately, there are a sizable group of Americans who have “drank the KOOL-ADE” from his thermos. Now, we have this equally crazy woman trying to latch onto the belt loops of Donald’s pants. Wyomingites- Only God can help you all from taking a ‘sip’.

    • I guess you voted for Joey B. You like 9% inflation, gasoline over $5.00 gal., and by the way:
      The approximately 600,261 Americans killed on Biden’s watch is three times the number of COVID deaths he said should disqualify a president from serving in the White House. During an October 2020 debate against Trump, he argued that any leader who presided over more than 200,000 COVID deaths “should not remain as president of the United States.”

      • How many oil wells went bankrupt in USA when Trump was playing golf from the White House?

        Inflation is bad because of oil prices and those checks Trump sent with his signature on them.

        Trump did nothing for Wyoming while over 50 American oil well producers went bankrupt when he was president, a record.

        Trump cared more about terrorist oil countries and his boyfriend Putin than real Americans, hurting Wyoming most of any state.

  3. Mickey Mouse sounds like a rabid rat… another “disney toadie”..

    I listened to her speech yesterday. WOW!!! SHE IS FANTASTIC. I lived in Cheyenne, WY for 5 years. Wyoming is a GREAT STATE. Strong people who “ride for the brand”. I support Harriet Hageman. She is what Wyoming needs right now and for a long time.

  4. USAF Veterans that served at FEW AFB love Wyoming!
    At our reunions we fully support Mrs Hageman!

    Enough of Carpetbagger Cheney and the Bush-Cheney WAR mongers!!

  5. Liz Cheney voted with former President Trump 93% of the time but because she chose morals over issues she is now a RINO, so very sad. Too many republicans in our gov’t are quite the cowards, keeping quiet to keep their powerful positions, extremely sad.

  6. We need Harriet and strong patriots like her to fight against the social dictators overrunning our Great REPUBIIC !!!


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